Review of Good Maid Bio Natural Skin Moisturizing Dishwashing Liquid in Lemon

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I’ve been using Good Maid Bio Natural Skin Moisturizing Dishwashing Liquid in Lemon (Bio) for two weeks already. It’s one of my most recent grocery finds. I saw it displayed in the grocery shelf where I was getting a new dishwashing sponge. I bought it because the words “natural” and “moisturizing” on the product label piqued my interest. I’ve been loyal to Joy with a Touch of Olay since 2014, but in the last few weeks, there’s a shortage of this brand in the supermarket that I frequent, which prompted me to try out Bio.

 photo DSCN5427_zpsbeocqpvx.jpg

Bio Natural Skin Moisturizing Dishwashing Liquid (Lemon), Php115.00

There’s only one size available for Bio Natural Skin Moisturizing Dishwashing Liquid, which is 1 liter (1000 ml.). I saw from their FB page that it has a Peach variant, but the Lemon variant was the only one I found at Robinsons Supermarket, so that’s what I got.

Product Description:
Bio Natural Skin Moisturizing Dishwashing Liquid is 100% natural because it’s made from natural ingredients (corn, palm oil and other plants.) It’s a tough grease remover. It also has Vitamin E for that extra moisturizing effect on the hands.

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How to Use:
You can dilute a small amount of Bio with water in a container before using it with sponge or dish cloth to wash the dishes, or like what I do, just squeeze a small amount of Bio on your sponge then clean the dirty dishes. And oh, don’t forget to rinse everything with water!

What I Like about This Product:
• It’s biodegradable and environment-friendly. Using this product will help us care for the earth in our own little way.
• Just like Joy with a Touch of Olay, this product doesn’t make my hands dry. I have no helper, so I wash the dishes several times a day. Despite multiple washes, my hands remain soft and moisturized.
• It’s tough on grease. When I’m using other dishwashing liquid brands, I wash greasy pans at least twice to remove oil and oil stains. With Bio, one wash will do.
• Php115 is so affordable for an all-natural product that delivers what it promises.
• The Lemon scent is fresh and clean.

What Can Be Improved about This Product:
• I hope smaller sizes of this dishwashing liquid becomes available, too, for others who find the 1-liter bottle too big or too heavy.

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17 Responses

  1. I’m using Ultra Joy Lemon Scent and I always buy the 2.66 liters because it is cheaper. It can last for more than 3 months. I just transferred it to a different container so it is not heavy. Though Good Maid Bio brand is affordable at P115.

  2. That’s really affordable for that big bottle of dishwashing liquid and it’s also 100% natural! That’s nice. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. This is a good find at P115 per liter (a real bargain). Considering it is all natural and gentle on skin, but tough on greases makes me want to try it. Thanks for the review.

  4. That’s a good price for a 1 litre dishwashing liquid! I’ll be looking for it when I go grocery shopping. Hopefully it’s available in my local Robinsons.

  5. When I am selecting household products, the word “natural” also play a big factor in my selection process. I am in the process of going “natural” for our home and is slowly eliminating things that are too much on chemicals which can be harmful to my family’s health. I’m glad I’ve read about your blog post. At least now I have another choice for dishwashing liquids 🙂

  6. I love that it’s environment friendly! I’ve been trying to make a switch to safer cleaning products. Good to know that it does its job well!

  7. I just noticed that more and more dishwashing soaps are in the market nowadays. This one looks like a good product to try as well, specially with its kin moisturizing feature.

  8. I do hope more and more products follow the path of natural and biodegradable. It’s about time we take care of the environment for a change. I’d watch out for this brand the next time I go to the grocery. 😉

  9. I decided to stop using Joy because it was always harsh on my hands. So I prefer those with natural ingredients but I’ve never tried this one yet. I don’t think I’ve seen this brand in our local grocery. Would love to check it out.

  10. I just hope more dishwashing products would come out in the market that are proven all natural. I am always on the look out for effective and safe dishwashing liquid products as I use them where I put our food. Thank you for introducing Bio, might as well try it. And I agree they should also offer the dishwashing liquid in smaller bottles or even sachets, though in our family, we always buy the biggest one (gallon pa nga minsan) as we have so many dishes and casseroles to wash in a day. Ihihi.

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