2010 Mommy Bloggers’ Christmas Party

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Last Saturday was a busy day for me because I had to attend two important events: (1) my son’s school Christmas production in the morning and (2) the mommy bloggers’ Christmas party in the afternoon. Choosing between the two never crossed my mind because I meant to be present in both affairs, and I was.

The mommy bloggers’ Christmas party was held at Unit 421 of Legend Villas in Mandaluyong. We have to attend this party wearing cowgirl costumes. Yihaa! Armed with my brown checkered blouse, gray vest, cream cowboy hat, and the closest to cowboy boots that I could find, I went there by my lonesome bringing some gifts to my fellow mommies and a pledge of Grendha, Ipanema and Rider gift certificates from ELRO Commercial & Industrial Corporation. Thank you so much, Cel, for these! The mommies were so happy to have won these prizes in our raffle.

Cowmommy Tetcha

There were only 12 of us present, namely: Pehpot, Joy, Michelle, Beds, Lyn, Yami, Nora, Jingke, Jes, Czaroma, Fedhz and me. The first 10 mommy bloggers to arrive received a Body Shop Moringa Milk Body Lotion. I also gave 10 small presents to the first 10 mommy bloggers at Legend Villas. There were lots of sponsors, so prizes were given to lucky moms every 30 minutes.

The cowmamas!

Michelle and Joy

Say cheese!

One more time, smile!

Cowmama Pehpot and cowprincess Sati

I received the very first raffle prize that was given away, an active health bag from Unilab.

Thank you, Unilab!

The other prizes that were raffled off, aside from the three gift certificates from ELRO and the Unilab active health bag, included Ainon products, Johnson’s Baby Powder, Playtex Quick Straw, Maya Hotcake Mix, Walter Double Fiber Wheat Bread and Massage Package for 3 moms courtesy of Mommy Leirs. The grand raffle prize (cooking stove) was given by Ms. Tin-Tin Bersola-Babao, creator and founder of Parentin.tv, the first Philippine online parenting show).

Raffle prizes and loot bags

Agnes of Ainon Baby drew the grand prize winner, while Miss Sheryll of Proud Mama dropped by to give us moms some of their products.

Agnes of Ainon Baby

Joy, Sheryll of Proud Mama and Pehpot

We had great food, we played games, we sang, we exchanged gifts, and we goofed around.


One of the parlor games we played

Those are the prizes that we won in the “Pinoy Henyo” game

Jingke belting out

Jingke showing off what she received from me in our exchange gift

Joy, Beds, Pehpot and Agnes

Beds, the grand prize winner

Picture-taking before going home

All moms went home with a loot bag that contains the following products: Soyami Soya Chips, Walter Double Fiber Wheat Bread, Maya Hotcake Mix, T-shirts and token from Unilab, Ainon Baby products, Proud Mama products (bra extender and kiddie shoe bag) and Johnson’s Baby Powder.

We all had fun! Now, we’re all looking forward to next year’s Christmas party.

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7 Responses

  1. Looks so fun! =) I'm a newbie mommy blogger and am so glad to see po the faces ng mga mommy bloggers na fini-frequent ko basahin.

    Merry Christmas po sa inyong lahat!

  2. what a blast w/ blogger friends…kakatuwa nman ang mga cowgirls!!!

    may natira pa kaya sa grendha at ipanema prizes mo??? penge:)))

  3. wow, what a great afternoon to spend with fellow mommy bloggers. wish to see you guys soon again! 😀

    it reminded me of my failed mommy moments get together last year at northpark glorietta.. hahha

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