My New Year’s Resolutions

Happy 2007, everyone! As always, we greet each new year with a bang and with yet another list of New Year’s resolution on the things we want to change in our lives, hopefully for the better, which at the end of the year we realize

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Family Reunion 2006

It must be the weather. Feeling nostalgic and all. Or perhaps it comes with age. Or motherhood perhaps. Viewing things in a different perspective, seeing things more clearly, and making sense of things we normally take for granted — our family, our roots. Christmas is

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To Give Birth or not to Give Birth

“To give birth or not to give birth,” that is the question. Elders often say that you can’t really repay your mother for all that she’s done for you if you haven’t experienced being a mother yourself. I don’t quite agree with this pronouncement. For

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Musings of a Soon-to-be Mom

When I was young, I felt very secure in the company of my mom. Aside from the fact that my mom is quite tall and stocky, she has this particular urge to overly protect her children especially when we’re out in a crowd. As a

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Wonderful Life

Sweet dreams, sleep tight Greet tomorrow with delight. Give your best, don’t hold back Live and learn, never slack. Spread your wings, soar up above Hold on to dreams and savor love. Feel the warmth, God’s cup is full Life is good and beautiful.

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This blog was originally put up to document my son’s growing-up milestones, all for posterity’s sake. But there are other things to write about, aside from “mommyhood,” that merit my attention, and I’m including them all here. This blog now chronicles my life as a mom and a wife and everything else in between. For collabs, please email



I am so proud to introduce the collection of some my best written works from this personal blog, Pensive Thoughts.



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