Justin’s Mommy, Officially!

Two days ago (January 7, 2008), I am officially Justin’s mommy. Let me make that clear. Biologically, I am Justin’s mommy, but he doesn’t call me that term, not just yet, anyway. Last October 2007, after I finished putting all of my son’s pictures in

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Justin’s First Twelve Months

Like most first-time moms, I made a journal of my son Justin’s monthly progress for his first year. This included not only what he was able to do each month, but other significant details, such as when he had his “infant measles,” when he was

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2007–The Year That Was

Last year went by so fast I could hardly catch my breath and take in everything that happened. First, I switched job around the second quarter of 2007, which meant more responsibilities, more pressure, and more headaches. Second, we had two hospitalizations in the family:

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Justin’s Spoken Words

I have recently been paying attention to my son Justin’s verbal language. As a matter of fact, I have been keeping a list of them when I thought of writing this article. At one year and three months, I realized he’s such a fine imitator

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Bad Cholesterol

I have decided to consult a cardiologist last April due to persistent chest pains. My ECG test, blood pressure and physical examination were all fine. What I had actually was muscle pain probably caused by carrying my then just 9-month-old baby boy who’s growing up

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This blog was originally put up to document my son’s growing-up milestones, all for posterity’s sake. But there are other things to write about, aside from “mommyhood,” that merit my attention, and I’m including them all here. This blog now chronicles my life as a mom and a wife and everything else in between. For collabs, please email tgfiguerres@yahoo.com.



I am so proud to introduce the collection of some my best written works from this personal blog, Pensive Thoughts.



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