LSGH Grade School Student Council Officers’ Leadership Immersion and Benchmarking Program in Hong Kong

A group of students from La Salle Green Hills (LSGH) and the Academy of St. John (an LSGH-supervised school) had their Leadership Immersion and Benchmarking Program at La Salle Primary School and Chan Sui Ki Primary School in Hong Kong last year.

Justin, together with 17 more SC officers, were accompanied by Mr. Erbin M. Vila (SC moderator) and Mr. Niccolo Paolo M. Agcaoili (Student Activities Coordinator). The delegates from the two schools all stayed at the YMCA Youth Village in Kowloon, Hong Kong for 5 days, from October 23-27, 2017.

At the Ku Tung Elderly Center

The students’ itinerary included school tours/classroom observations, interaction with student leaders, trip to the History Museum, outreach activity at Ku Tung Elderly Center and Hong Kong Disneyland tour.

This leadership training was a fulfilling experience for the boys as they learned to become more independent, responsible and compassionate individuals and better servant leaders.

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Luntiang Panulat Punong-Patnugot, SY 2017-2018

One of Justin’s grade school achievements that’s really close to my heart was his appointment as the Punong- Patnugot (Editor-in-Chief) of Luntiang Panulat for SY 2017-2018.

Luntiang Panulat is the official magazine of the LSGH Grade School Department. Mr. Gilbert P. Ortega (Sir Gilbert), the Luntiang Panulat moderator and the Advanced Class’s Filipino teacher in Grade 6, was the one who appointed Justin as Punong-Patnugot of this publication. Aside from editing, Justin also wrote his own articles for Luntian.

Thank you, Sir Gilbert, for the trust you put in my son. You have truly inspired him to do his best.

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LSGH Summer Advanced Math Program 2018

Justin recently completed his Summer Advanced Program in Elementary Algebra at LSGH. It’s a 2-hour class from 10:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. every Mondays to Fridays that started on April 19 and ended on May 10. A total of 19 students attended this summer class, most of whom were Justin’s classmates in Grade 6 Advanced Class. The female students came from other schools. Their teacher was Mr. Norberto Martinez from the LSGH High School Department.

On their last day of summer class, Justin came home with two certificates. One was the Certificate of Attendance for completing the Summer Advanced Math Program, and the other one was a Certificate of Distinction for performing well in class. They were ranked according to their quiz/test scores. Justin ranked first overall.

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A Big Thank You to My Son’s LSGH Homeroom Advisers

While he was anxious, shy and hesitant to enter his classroom on his first day of school as a Kinder 2 student at La Salle Green Hills in June 2012, that social anxiety, shyness and hesitance was forgotten all too soon and replaced with exuberance, excitement and enthusiasm. That’s because he found his big school as an extended playground where he got to meet his friends every day. Truth be told, La Salle Green Hills is his happy place! He loves the environment, the brotherhood, the values he learned, and his teachers. Of all his teachers at LSGH, his homeroom advisers are foremost in his heart. This blog post pays tribute to all of you who made my son’s stay in La Salle Green Hills meaningful and unforgettable.

Ms. Mary Joy F. Bordan, K2 Homeroom Adviser

Thank you, Ms. MJ, for being Justin’s 1st mom and first crush in big school. You truly inspired him to do his best.

Ms. Princess M. Abestilla, Grade 2 Homeroom Adviser

Thank you, Ms. Princess, for never getting tired of listening to Justin’s little stories. He surely had a lot to tell back then. Lol!

Ms. Carmela P. Garcia, Grade 3 Homeroom Adviser

Thank you, Ms. Carmela, for instilling discipline in my son and for inspiring him to do well in his cursive writing.

Ms. Larissa Amy L. Lazaro, Grade 4 Homeroom Adviser

Thank you, Ms. Lara, for being so accommodating and approachable. Kind teachers like you make my son excited to go to school every day.

Ms. Dachelle C. Acierto, Grade 5 Homeroom Adviser

Thank you, Ms. Dash, for making Justin believe in himself. He was truly happy being in your class.

Ms. Karen H. Zablan, Grade 6 Homeroom Adviser

Thank you, Ms. Karen, for guiding the boys down the right path. Justin tells me you’re funny sometimes and that you joke around with them every now and then. He enjoyed that!

Thank you for taking care of my son while he was under your care, for the knowledge you’ve imparted and for the genuine love and concern. May you continue to inspire young minds to strive for excellence and keep the animo burning in their hearts.

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Experience 18th Century Philippines at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

I thought we were just going for a quick summer getaway at a beach resort in Bagac, Bataan last weekend, but we had experienced so much more than what we expected at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar (Las Casas).

Las Casas is more than just a place to find temporary solace from the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s also a heritage community giving a glimpse of Old Manila with its period-themed accommodations and grandiose architectural structures from 18th century Philippines.

There are 15 private casas (restored Spanish-Filipino homes) to see at Las Casas, each having its own unique character.

That’s Hotel de Oriente at our back, the first luxury hotel in Binondo during the colonial period

Las Casas was accorded the Asia Awards of Excellence for being Asia’s most excellent destination for 2017. This heritage place is a great venue for family outings, team buildings and even weddings.

We stayed at an air-conditioned Deluxe Room with the following amenities: queen-sized bed, cable TV and DVD player, small refrigerator, small dining table, safety deposit box, wifi, toilet and bath and hairdryer.

There are six dining places inside Las Casas, namely Café Marivent (international cuisine), La Bella Teodora (Italian cuisine), Beach Bar (cocktails or drinks), Café del Rio (tapas bar), Cusina ni Nanay Maria (Filipino cuisine) and La Parilla and Pica Pica (Filipino street food and beverages).

We enjoyed our delectable dinner of Quattro Formaggi Pizza, Marinara Pasta and Carbonara at La Bella Teodora.


We had a lot of picture-taking sessions at Las Casas because admittedly, the place was beautiful!

We went to the batis pool in the late afternoon.

We watched a cultural show at Casa Hagonoy afterwards.

We woke up early the next day to go to the beach.

Then we went to see Casa Lubao (the game room).

We also watched a pocket performance outside Casa Lubao.

We also witnessed a recreational cockfighting (sabong) match and spiderfighting (labanan ng gagamba) nearby.

We hopped on a calesa (horse carriage) next.

We also rode a tranvia, but we posed for this picture first.

You can do any of these activities in Las Casas:
• Heritage tour (to learn the history of the old houses in Las Casas)
• Workshop tour (where wood carvings and bricks are traditionally made)
• Hotel de Oriente tour
• Water activities (jet ski, jet pack, wake board, banana boat, boat ride, etc.)
• swimming pool and beach area
• Sunday mass at Sanctuario de San Jose
• Napiya Spa (offering traditional Filipino massages)
• Fotographia dela Escolta (have a photoshoot with them wearing baro’t saya or barong)
• Entertainment and game room at Casa Lubao (billiards, darts, table tennis, board games)
• Cultural shows (folk dances) and activities (carabao parade and race, cockfighting, Sentro ng Pamana ng Kulturang Pilipino, pocket performance)

• Las Casas is huge and you’ll surely get tired roaming around the place, so wear comfortable footwear.
• There’s a jeepney shuttle available for all guests to facilitate easy transport from one place to the next. This is free of charge.
• My son and I enjoyed swimming in the batis pool, but after an hour in the water, our skin felt somewhat itchy. Not sure, though, if it’s caused by overexposure to chlorine.
• We went to the beach early the next day to have longer swimming time, but there seemed to be a jellyfish nearby because after only a few minutes in the water, my son felt a stinging pain on his upper legs with matching red marks. Those were easily remedied by vinegar application on the skin, but we didn’t swim anymore after that.
• We spent the remaining hours of our last day in the beach resort taking lots of pictures.

Despite the minor mishaps in the batis pool and at the beach, I was really glad we went to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. Being there makes me appreciate our Filipino culture and heritage more and makes me proud to be a Filipino. I hope more Pinoys can visit it, too. Please visit this FB link to see more photos.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar
Brgy. Ibaba, Bagac, Bataan
Manila Sales and Reservation Office
Telephone Nos.: 332-5338/332-5286/355-3032
Mobile No.: 0917-8729361

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