Lazada’s ‘Shop with Heart’ Grants Wishes and Dreams This Christmas

How would you like to put a smile on people’s faces this Christmas? Or better yet, how you like to grant people’s wishes and dreams this Christmas? That’s exactly what Southeast Asia’s leading shopping and selling platform did to a few lucky individuals. Through its ‘Shop with Heart’ campaign, Lazada Philippines, together with celebrities, media and online shoppers, granted various wishes of the heart and made some people feel special and loved.

Lazada reunites families this Christmas

To celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, well-loved celebrities KC Concepcion, Karylle Tatlonghari-Yuzon, Iza Calzado, Cristabelle Belo-Pitt, Divine Lee, Tessa Prieto and Tim Yap shared the love on Instagram by asking their followers to post their Christmas wishes. The purpose was to grant wishes and spark hope in the hearts of select Pinoys from across the country. Lazada filled hearts with love by giving away basic supplies to those in need and by reuniting families.

The media also took part in the wish-granting spree. Lazada donated gifts to the CRIBS Foundation under the names of the media people present at the Thanksgiving Lunch held at The Mind Museum yesterday. Lazada’s Christmas gifts to the children at CRIBS consisted of boxes of powdered milk, packs of toys and first-aid kits.

Julie Anne San Jose serenading the guests

Mila Jimenez, Head of Marketing for Lazada Philippines, said, “Christmas has always been Filipino families’ favorite tradition. Sharing one’s blessings is what makes it most special and Lazada wants to be part of that tradition. Together with our brands and sellers, we offer items for one and all, through a shopping experience that is both fun and convenient, so every customer has more time to spend with their loved ones.”

Everyone can still join the bandwagon! With Lazada’s 12.12 Grand Year-End Sale happening from December 10 to 12, we can go all out shopping for family and friends. Know more about the exclusive deals, discounts and bestselling products this gifting season from Lazada’s Grand Year-End Sale by following Lazada’s official Facebook and Instagram pages or downloading the Lazada Mobile app for free.

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Mylan and the Hepatology Society of the Philippines Launch BEATHepC Campaign

The Department of Health (DoH) estimates that around 1% of the estimated 100 million Filipinos have chronic hepatitis C. However, not many Pinoys are knowledgeable about this disease. The fact is there is lack of awareness about hepatitis C and its transmission, prevention, screening, and management among patients, public, and healthcare providers in our country.

To address this concern, Mylan, one of the world’s leading global pharmaceutical companies, in partnership with Hepatology Society of the Philippines (HSP) recently launched an awareness campaign for Hepatitis C in the country. The BEATHepC (Become educated, aware, tested and treated) campaign aims to spread awareness about the disease by disseminating information through pamphlets and promoting screening among Filipinos at risk. Present at the event was Hep C survivor and avocate Michael de Mesa.

What Is Hepatitis C?
Hepatitis C is liver disease caused by the Hep C virus. Hep C is transmitted when blood from an infected person enters the body of another who is not infected. The disease progresses slowly, over the course of 10 to 40 years. It attacks and damages the liver, killing liver cells in the process. As a result, scar tissue forms, a process called fibrosis. For about 10 to 20 percent of people infected, Hep C can eventually lead to scarring of the liver (cirrhosis). Although some people will experience symptoms, about 80 percent of people with acute Hep C do not have any symptoms.

“Chronic Hepatitis C infection may lead to serious complications such as cirrhosis and/or liver cancer,” explained Dr. Jade Jamias, Liver Specialist and President of HSP. Patients with hepatitis C often do not show early symptoms and so it becomes very critical to educate the people about this infection. Early detection is key to treatment and prevention of liver disease progression. The positive news is that treatment for this disease is now easily accessible to all.”

Ms. Ester Tacanay, Country Manager of Mylan in Philippines, added, “Hepatitis C is a chronic public health concern in the Philippines. At Mylan Philippines, we are committed to providing access to medicine for treatment of hepatitis C with the objective of reducing the disease burden. Through the BEATHepC campaign, Mylan aims to create awareness around risks and misconceptions about the disease and encourage early screening and treatment to prevent the disease. We are happy to partner with HSP to drive this campaign across Philippines.”

Mylan’s BEATHepC campaign supports the mission of the National Viral Hepatitis Task Force (NVHTF) to eliminate or significantly decrease the prevalence of hepatitis B and hepatitis C in the Philippines.

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Pista sa Pisay 2018 Family Day

Grades 7 and 8 Family Day 2018 was held at the PSHS-MC Gymnasium last November 10, 2018. The event, dubbed as Pista sa Pisay Halika’t Makisaya, was hosted by Mr. Arthur Billedo and TV show host Ms. Lyn Ching-Pascual whose daughter is currently a Grade 8 student of Pisay.

Grade 7-Emerald muse and escort

Each Grades 7 and 8 section had an arch designed by the parents which was used during the Parade of Muses and Escorts.

Parade of Muses and Escorts

Prizes were awarded to the winners of the Best in Costume and Best in Arch Design. Consolation prizes were likewise given to the non-winning class arches.

Grade 7 flash mob dance

Parents and students had their own flash mob dance, too. I am proud to say that the Grade 7 flash mob was beautifully choreographed by our section’s student class president, John Gabriel Pardito Ibo (a.k.a. Gian), one of my son’s best buddies this school year. Gian’s design was also used in the Grade 7’s Family Day shirt.

There were also fun and exciting games during Pista sa Pisay.

Of course, a Family Day celebration isn’t complete without our own Family Day photo.

And lest I forget, I also got to see my college friend and classmate Yin during the event. Yin is now the Unit Manager of Sun Life Financial, Mango Branch. Sun Life was one of the Gold sponsors of Pista sa Pisay.

Pista sa Pisay was made possible possible through the generosity of the following sponsors: Mom and Tina’s Bakery Café, Outbound Education and Internships, Sun Life Financial, Chelsea Logistics Holdings Corp., Grade 8 Jasmin, Grade 8 Dahlia, Grade 8 Champaca, Grade 8 Sampaguita, Comida China Manila, A.V. Santiago Development Corp., TeamWorks, ECH Fuel Distributor Inc., Shapes and Sizes Wellness Hub, Mr. Softy, Pro Vision Eye Care, Unilab, FWD Insurance, CDO, Softsell, United Architects of the Philippines Del Pilar Bulacan Chapter, Nescafe Gold, Artline, Smart, Healthy Family and Casio.

Thank you, Mommy Let Rosario-Abdon, for allowing me to use some of your Family Day photos in this blog post.

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How to Become the Next Pinoy Rockstar

Dreaming of becoming a rockstar? Well, you can be with the use of the internet. Whether it’s belting a powerful karaoke song at the mall, busting a move to some of the coolest hip hop songs, or acting in front of the camera, your dream of becoming a rockstar is not far from happening.

Marcus Rayden Cabais, Cartoon Network’s first-ever Ultimate Pinoy Rockstar

However, being a rockstar is more than just having lots of likes and shares on social media. Here’s the ultimate guide to making your dream a reality.

Discipline is key.
Ever wonder what popular rockstars have in common? It’s discipline. If you want to make your mark in the entertainment industry, you must practice discipline on a daily basis. Start with small things like being on time for rehearsals, eating healthy food, and exercising in the morning.

Have a passionate heart.
Being passionate will also help you achieve your dream of becoming a rockstar. Passion will help you stay committed to whatever you want to do and achieve. And with a heart for your craft, you can definitely face any challenge and succeed!

Be humble.
Stay humble. Never allow fame and fortune go to your head. Remain level-headed and treat others with humility. Take a cue from your favorite performers! They are respected, appreciated, not to mention, immensely followed on social media because they remain humble despite their popularity.

Just be you.
Show your true personality. Do what you love most and keep on improving. You’ll never know, you might star in the next big commercial or even a movie just because you’re showing who you really are.

Nothing beats attitude.
Having a positive attitude can greatly influence your behavior. If someone critiques your performance, take it positively and improve yourself. The road to fame is not easy, but if you have the right attitude, you can cope with almost anything.

Confidence matters.
If you want others to believe in you, you must believe in yourself first. Build up your self-confidence and become more comfortable performing on stage by joining more competitions like the search for the next Cartoon Network Rockstar.

Cartoon Network Rockstar is an annual talent search that showcases the abilities of young Pinoy celebrity aspirants. Last year, Marcus Rayden Cabais was named Cartoon Network’s first-ever Ultimate Pinoy Rockstar.

Got what it takes to be the next Cartoon Network’s ultimate rockstar? Then take note of the following:
1. The competition is open to kids and teens aged 6-19 years old.
2. Participants should upload a 2-3 minute demo video of them singing, dancing, acting or doing a cool stunt.
3. Participants can send it to The video must not exceed 20MB.
4. Each entry should have your name, age, gender, birthday, contact number, home address, email address and your guardian’s name and contact number.
5. Wait for an email confirmation from Cartoon Network acknowledging your entry.

Ten performers will be chosen to perform on stage during Cartoon Network’s grand finals on December 9, 2018. Amazing prizes await this year’s winner including a talent management contract with Viva Artists Agency.

Submission of entries will be from October 26 until November 23, 2018. For more details about the contest, check out Tune in to Cartoon Network on Cignal Digital TV Channel 220 (HD), Sky Direct Channel 15 (HD), SkyCable Channel 178 (HD), and Destiny Cable Channel 178 (HD Digital) to get more news and updates.

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Energize Your School Kids with the Powerful Potato

Barely three months after school started, we are already seeing how tough and taxing high school life can be for my 12-year-old son. Being a neophyte in a highly competitive school, we all knew that his high school journey wouldn’t be a walk in the park. His school days now are almost always loaded with school work and projects, sometimes leaving little time (or none at all) to review for the next day’s quizzes or to get a decent night’s sleep. Even his weekends are spent doing school requirements.

Now my son and I clearly understand what their Grade 6 Guidance Counselor had been telling them before they graduated from grade school. She told them not to expect the same grades that they were getting when they were still part of the advanced class in grade school. Indeed, high school is a totally different ball game. It is more demanding, more challenging and more exacting. And while my son enjoys spending time with his newfound friends, he is undoubtedly feeling the stress of adapting to a new school environment.

How I Help My Son Cope with High School Life
Stress can take toll on our body. To help ward off the negative effects of stress from my high schooler, I make sure he is well-fed and properly nourished. He needs to be healthy to be able to fulfill his school requirements. To avoid getting sick, I give him healthy dishes and delectable treats made from the highly nutritious superfood – the potato.

Potato Is a Superfood
There are people who believe that potatoes lack nutritional value, but that is far from the truth. In fact, potatoes are rich in nutrients that are beneficial to our health. Potatoes are packed with vitamin C (immunity booster), vitamin B6 (cognitive function enhancer), and potassium (muscle builder). The “high quality carbs” of potatoes also help optimize our physical and mental performance. They are also fat-free, sodium-free, and cholesterol-free. With all of these health benefits, potatoes can indeed boost our school kids’ nutrition and help protect them from diseases that may otherwise prevent them from performing well in school.

The Versatility of Potatoes
Worried that your kids will get tired of eating potatoes? Don’t be! Because potatoes are versatile ingredients, your children will surely crave for more. You can serve them in many different ways. You can fry them, bake them, mash them, boil them or grill them. You can also mix them in soups or stews, in salads, in main dishes, and even in desserts. We can also make native delicacies or kakanin with potatoes.

Potatoes USA, an organization that has thankfully brought US frozen, US tablestock (fresh) and US dehydrated potatoes to our shores, offers a lot of options for potato meals. The organization, together with Chef Kristine Lotilla, recently visited the culinary club of Diliman Preparatory School in Quezon City to demonstrate the versatility of potatoes.

Broccoli Cheddar Potato Puffs – click HERE for the recipe

With their own mashed potato kit, Chef Kristine showed the students how to rehydrate the dehydrated potatoes. They also prepared two yummy recipes: Broccoli Cheddar Potato Puffs and Chocolate Mashed Potato Truffles. The students were then challenged to try their own potato dishes at home.

Chocolate Mashed Potato Truffle – click HERE for the recipe

As you can see, we can make our school kids healthier and happier by preparing delectable potato dishes and treats. By so doing, we are showing our children that there is so much more to power snacking and right eating than just avoiding sweets.

High quality US potatoes in a wide variety can be purchased from major supermarkets and groceries nationwide. For more information on US potatoes, visit or like and follow Potatoes USA-Philippines on Facebook at

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