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HGH Supplements for Weight Loss

Have you ever heard of HGH supplements? The acronym HGH stands for human growth hormone, a substance produced by the pituitary gland that plays a major part in how our cells, muscles, and organs develop. The production of this master … Continue reading

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Dare to Try?

Because I had hormonal imbalance in 2002, I ballooned to 136 lbs. That’s considered overweight for a 5’1” woman. That’s also the same weight I had when I was about to deliver my son. But even if I gained a … Continue reading

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To Try or not to Try

I’ve always been dubious of anything that has to do with losing weight quickly. That’s why even if I gained a few pounds in the past months, which I’m starting to lose, by the way, I’ve never tried any quick … Continue reading

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Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Not being able to fit easily into my pre-pregnancy pants, which used to be a breeze, I know I’ve gained a few inches around the waist, which means I’ve gotten heavier, too. Losing weight doesn’t seem to be a problem … Continue reading

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