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Diaper-free, Finally!

My five-year-old son hasn’t been wearing diapers at night since he was circumcised last September 24. It might have taken longer to do this because my son is now five years old. The reason why we couldn’t let him sleep … Continue reading

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Circumcised at Five Years Old!

While I would like to see more biagi beads from beadaholique, last Saturday was not the time to do that because I had a more important task to attend to. Mommy duty beckoned because my son had to undergo a … Continue reading

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Looking for a Good Health Insurance?

July wasn’t a very good month for our five-year-old son. That’s because we’ve gone to Makati Medical Center a number of times for a variety of reasons. First, he was diagnosed with contact dermatitis. A week after, he had to … Continue reading

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A Quick Trip to the Hospital

“Aww, Mommy!” That was what my son said when he peed in the toilet this morning. I thought he was just joking. When I was giving him a bath, however, he flinched when I started cleaning his genitals with wash … Continue reading

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Not another UTI

Justin underwent VCUG (voiding cystourethrogram) at Makati Medical Center last Saturday. That’s because he was diagnosed with urinary tract infection (UTI) again. This is the second time in two months that he had UTI, and his pediatrician told us the … Continue reading

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