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My son has a new toy. Nope, it’s not a newly bought toy, but “new” because my son managed to create something new from his old toys. The battery-operated cowboy/horse toy was a gift from one of his godmothers that … Continue reading

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Mommy Moments: I Love Toys and Gadgets!

It’s a known fact that my son loves toys, especially trains and cars. I have written about some of his favorite toys in the past, so for this week’s Mommy Moments’ theme, I’ll focus on my son’s love for gadgets. … Continue reading

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What’s Keeping My Little Boy Busy

Aside from school that he’s really enjoying, there are his new toys. The drum set and the busy ball popper are courtesy of his Dad’s officemate. Her sons have already outgrown these toys, but they’re still working, and my son … Continue reading

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Is He Enterprising or What?

Kids don’t need expensive toys to show their creative and skilful side. Children can be enterprising when the situation calls for it, that is, ordinary things in the house can be their playthings, too. All it takes is just a … Continue reading

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To Throw or Not to Throw

Since our last helper left us in December, the task of general housecleaning every weekend falls on my shoulders. It takes me hours just to dust every nook and cranny of our small condo unit, not to mention my son’s … Continue reading

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