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My Boys’ New Toy

There’s a new toy that keeps father and son rather preoccupied lately. Hubby bought an iPad 3 last Friday. Our little boy was too excited to try it. After having dinner, he immediately downloaded some of his favorite games from … Continue reading

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The Toys The Little Boy Received Last Christmas

Christmas is a fun time for everyone. It’s the children, however, who really look forward to Christmas, eagerly anticipating the gifts they will receive. My 5-year-old son is no exception. Weeks before Christmas, he was already imagining the gifts his … Continue reading

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Mommy Moments: Stores

Toy stores are my son’s favorite hangout. Whenever we’re at the mall, he makes “lambing” to his Dad to buy him a toy. When there’s no special occasion, we tell our son to choose only toys that cost only Php100.00 … Continue reading

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The Magical Zoobles Are Here!

My son has been waiting for this package for the longest time, and it finally arrived last Friday. Since the day I told him I was going to do a review of Zoobles toys, he hasn’t stopped asking when the … Continue reading

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Mommy Moments: So Little!

I can only think of one thing that is related to this week’s Mommy Moments’ theme of “So Little,” and those are my son’s toys. You see, he has lots of small cars and small trains. Undoubtedly, trains and cars … Continue reading

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