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Karate-do Summer Class

Justin requested to play at Whiz Minds CAMP (Center for Music and Play) at Robinsons Galleria two weeks ago. This is where he took his painting class last summer. I checked Whiz Minds’ list of summer classes and asked my … Continue reading

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Mommy Moments: Sports

My 5-year-old soon does not play any kind of sport right now, but he is interested in a lot of things, like racing, swimming, and sports that involve a ball. For now, the only thing he is allowed to do … Continue reading

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Justin’s First Summer Outing

Last April 26-27, 2008, Justin finally had his first dip in the swimming pool. It was Ed’s annual summer outing at ADB, and this time, it was at the Club Balai Isabel Resort at Talisay, Batangas. There were six of … Continue reading

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