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In Search of the Perfect Nanny

This is the second week that my Tatay (Filipino term for father) has been taking good care of my son Justin while my husband and I work. That’s because we still haven’t found someone responsible to do so. Well, we … Continue reading

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Shortcuts when Caring for Our Tykes

I can’t help but notice the way we, parents of this generation, care for our little ones. (I’m not generalizing here, though.) In our attempt to lessen the amount of work that we need to do while attending to the … Continue reading

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Super Clingy to Mommy

My son Justin, now two years and six months old, is more clingy than ever to mommy. This shift in behavior actually started when his yaya (nanny) went home to the province last December and never came back. Perhaps, he … Continue reading

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Can’t Resist

We simply couldn’t resist my parents’ offer to tend our son Justin while we (hubby and I) are both working. That’s because I still haven’t found someone to do that. Yesterday afternoon, Nanay and Tatay arrived with their things (because … Continue reading

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Justin’s Newfound Hobby

“Mommy, pode (pwede) computer Justin?” (Mommy, can Justin use the computer?) These were the first words my two-year-and-five-month-old son Justin uttered when he woke up from his afternoon nap today. Since my work for December ended on the 20th, I … Continue reading

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