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Mommy Moments: Parenting Tips

I’m a first-time mom, so I’m not an expert on parenting yet, but I learned a lot about being a parent from my own parents, from books, from other people, and from my son who never ceases to amaze me. … Continue reading

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A Lesson on Parenting from a Pre-kindergartner

I had this conversation with my four-year-old son while I was giving him a bath last night. Justin: Mommy, why do daddies and mommies shout when they’re mad? Mommy: Mommies and daddies shout when their kids don’t listen to them. … Continue reading

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Kumon Philippines’ Let Them Shine! (Empowering Your Children to Discover Their Full Potential)

I got an invite from Ogilvy to attend a parenting seminar at Cinema 1, SM Mall of Asia yesterday afternoon. This is the first of three free education and parenting seminars organized by Kumon Philippines for 2010. Kumon Philippines’ Education … Continue reading

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Memo ni Mommy: A Must-read for Moms

One of the best gifts I received on my last birthday was a tiny blue book called Memo ni Mommy: Mga Kaalamang Pampasigla ng Pamilya by Bessie A. Rios. The book, intended for parents and everyone else who works with … Continue reading

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Great Family and Parenting Advice

While parenting can be quite rewarding, it can also be one of the most difficult jobs on earth. Unlike other jobs, you can’t resign from your post if you don’t like your boss, your office mates, or your work environment. … Continue reading

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