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A Lesson on Parenting from a Pre-kindergartner

I had this conversation with my four-year-old son while I was giving him a bath last night. Justin: Mommy, why do daddies and mommies shout when they’re mad? Mommy: Mommies and daddies shout when their kids don’t listen to them. … Continue reading

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Mommy Moments: Motherhood

We’re supposed to share in this week’s theme what motherhood means to us. Honestly, I never imagined myself becoming a mother because I thought I was fated to become a spinster. But much to my and everybody else’s amazement, I … Continue reading

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Change of Heart

I’ve changed my mind. I have decided to let my son stay at home for the remainder of the week and allow him more time to fully recover so that by Monday, he’s really back to his old healthy and … Continue reading

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Back to School

My little boy has been absent from school for seven days now. He was first diagnosed with upper respiratory tract infection and was already recuperating from it, but he developed viral rash late last week. That explains why he was … Continue reading

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My Little Boy Is Sick

Justin was absent from school last Thursday and Friday because of persistent cough. I had already taken him to his pediatrician and he was given antibiotic and cough medicine. The doctor advised us to nebulize him, too, not because he … Continue reading

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