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Modern Moms Get the Best of Both Worlds

Giving birth and being a mother is one of life’s greatest blessings bestowed upon women by God. Not everyone is privileged to become a mom, so this is something that women should cherish and be truly grateful for. But being … Continue reading

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Poignant Mommy Moment!

My four-year-old son and I arrived to school early last Friday, so he had time to play with his friends before classes started. Normally, I would walk him to his classroom and he would give me a kiss on the … Continue reading

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Making Sure My Son Is Safe

As a mom, I’m always concerned about the safety and security of my son. When Justin was just a baby, I made sure our home was infant-friendly to avoid cuts, bumps, or falls. Aside from ensuring that he’s properly nourished, … Continue reading

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Totally Weaned from Bottle-feeding

After reading Mylene’s post “Battle With Bottles,” I have decided to finally get rid of all of Justin’s remaining feeding bottles because like Mylene’s daughter, my son is more than three years old already. He turned four last July, but … Continue reading

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A Lesson on Parenting from a Pre-kindergartner

I had this conversation with my four-year-old son while I was giving him a bath last night. Justin: Mommy, why do daddies and mommies shout when they’re mad? Mommy: Mommies and daddies shout when their kids don’t listen to them. … Continue reading

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