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Totally Weaned from Bottle-feeding

After reading Mylene’s post “Battle With Bottles,” I have decided to finally get rid of all of Justin’s remaining feeding bottles because like Mylene’s daughter, my son is more than three years old already. He turned four last July, but … Continue reading

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And My Little Boy Writes Again!

I mentioned in one of my May 2010 posts that my son who at that time was two months shy of his 4th birthday could already write his first name and some numbers. A month after that and a few … Continue reading

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My Little Boy Writes

These past few days, Justin would always be asking us for a pen, but not just any pen. He has a specific pen in mind, and he won’t stop bugging us until he gets it. He would only settle for … Continue reading

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Almost, but not Quite

I’m counting the days now until my son Justin shuns his feeding bottles for good. For several days now, he’s been drinking milk from his cup, not the entire day, though, but a few times each day. As a matter … Continue reading

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Justin’s First Movie Theater Experience

Yesterday was Justin’s first time to be inside a movie house. It wasn’t planned, though. We were having a leisurely walk in the mall, and we happened to pass by the cinema area. What piqued Justin’s interest were the big … Continue reading

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