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LSGH Lantern Parade and Christmas Fair 2015

LSGH had their annual Lantern Parade and Christmas Fair last December 12, 2015. The Grade 4 boys were scheduled to perform at the St. Benilde Gym in the afternoon. Grade 4 Lantern Parade For the Lantern Parade, the students were … Continue reading

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LSGH-EPA Christmas Fair 2013

The LSGH-EPA Christmas Fair 2013 was held last December 14. As mentioned in my previous blog post, we were in school early for the Lantern Parade presentation participated in by grade school students. Grade 2 Lantern Parade presentation After the … Continue reading

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Grade 2 Lantern Parade Presentation at LSGH

We went to LSGH early last Saturday, December 14, to watch the Lantern Parade presentation of Grade 2 students at the St. Benilde Gym. Although their performance was slated at 10:00am, the advanced class to which my son belongs was … Continue reading

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