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The typhoon season is here, but that won’t stop our kids from going outside to play. But who wouldn’t be excited to play under the rain? This, however, poses a concern for us parents as sudden weather changes make our … Continue reading

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Be Rain-ready with NIDO® 3+ Backpack Hoodie

Rainy days are a cause of alarm for us parents because diseases like common cold, influenza and pneumonia are prevalent during this season. We try our best to prevent our kids from getting sick when rainy season comes, but we … Continue reading

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NIDO 3+ #CheckTheLabel Campaign

In an educational workshop held for moms at Tood English Food Hall in SM Aura last July 28, mommy bloggers and all of the guests present learned valuable information that can guide them in their choice of products to buy … Continue reading

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Grab Your Free NIDO 3+ and NIDO 5+ Collectible Tumbler Now!

School is still a month away, so it’s still officially summer. My son has been looking forward to summer all school year long because it’s the time he can play all day, no homework to think about, no quizzes to … Continue reading

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Not All Milk Types Are the Same

Do you often get overwhelmed by the different types of milk displayed in the supermarket shelves when you do your grocery shopping? I don’t blame you if you do because there’s a lot to choose from, from cow’s milk to … Continue reading

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