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Of Boobs and Things

BOOB STORY NO. 1 I don’t exactly remember when this conversation between me and my son happened, but I remember very well that he raised this question while I was giving him a bath and he noticed his boobs. Justin: … Continue reading

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Tooth Fairy or Fairy Godmother?

My son is an intelligent boy. He noticed that I’ve been working beyond my normal work schedule for a few months now. Before, my work usually ends at 5pm. He knows that because that’s his time to use our laptop. … Continue reading

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Definition of a Pretty Girl according to a Four-year-old

This was a casual conversation my son and I had the other day while he’s busy tinkering with my cell phone. Justin: I don’t like one of my girl classmates anymore. Mommy: Why? Justin: Because she’s not pretty. Mommy: What … Continue reading

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Humor Me Makoy Contest

This is my official entry to the “Humor Me Makoy Contest.” I have been following Makoy’s blog, and I consider his “Funny Corned Beef Story” post the funniest because it shows that it’s better to keep your food to yourself … Continue reading

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Funny Kiddie Tale No. 20

The other day before Justin went to summer class, he asked me this question. Justin: Mommy, what is a “bruha”? Mommy: “Bruha” is the Tagalog word for “witch.” When Mommy is mad, she becomes a “bruha.” Later that night when … Continue reading

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