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A Visit to the Dentist

We went to Dentista Inc. at Shangri-la Plaza Mall two weeks ago because some of my son’s dental fillings had to be replaced. According to his lady dentist, Justin now has 10 adult teeth. She said my son’s adult teeth … Continue reading

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No More Cavities, Mom!

One of my projects before our son goes back to school is to have his four teeth fixed. His canine teeth and his upper first premolars needed light cure filling. After two sessions, this mission was finally accomplished last Saturday, … Continue reading

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Look, Mom! I’m Not Afraid of the Dentist Anymore!

Last January 22, 2011, we went to Dentista, Inc. at Shangri-la Plaza Mall for our dental prophylaxis. It was my turn first then hubby then Justin. Last year, we already found a male pediatric dentist who my son liked very … Continue reading

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