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Stress Gives Me Pimples!

I have so much to do this month. My backlog of work is piling up, I have an online task that will expire soon, we have a family outing this weekend, and I have two events to attend to next … Continue reading

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Are You Suffering from Adult Acne?

I thought when I turned twenty that acne breakouts wouldn’t be a problem anymore, but I was totally wrong. I had acne breakouts in my 20s and now in my late 30s. Now I know that acne is not just … Continue reading

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Get Your Hands Off My Face, Please!

Last night, while Justin was sitting on my lap and we were both watching TV, he pointed to a zit on my face and said, “Mommy, you have a pimple.” I said, “Okay.” He didn’t stop there, however. He continued … Continue reading

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Lack of Sleep and Acne

For two days now, I’ve been laboring late at night to get my work backlog under control. That’s because I was absent from work for several days due to my mother’s recent hospitalization. Now, I don’t really like staying up … Continue reading

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Be a Wise Buyer

How many times have you been lured into buying a product because of the many good things that advertisements proclaim the product can do? Take this advice from someone who has been fooled too many times in the past by … Continue reading

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