Product Review: Bigen One-Push Cream Color

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It’s been over a year now that I haven’t gone to a salon for my hair pampering treats. I usually have my roots touched up every month because my gray hair grows quickly. I started having gray hair in my late 20s, and I’m guessing it’s hereditary.

When the pandemic lockdown started in March 2020, I have to rely on store-bought hair dye to keep my gray hair at bay. The best one I’ve tried so far is the Bigen One-Push Cream Color, which my husband buys at Watsons. Bigen One Push Cream Color is a product of Hoyu Co., Ltd. Japan.

Bigen One-Push Cream Color, Php399

What the Kit Contains

Every box of Bigen One-Push Cream Color contains the following items: a one-push bottle, a nozzle, a special comb brush, a washing syringe, a pair of protective gloves, and an instruction booklet.

Important Instructions Before Using This Product

The instruction booklet gave seven (7) important reminders before using this product, but I’m listing only the four most important ones.
1. Make sure you perform a skin allergy test before using the product. This is to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the product’s ingredients.
2. Wash your hair with shampoo the day before using this product.
3. Remove hair accessories, metallic objects (earrings, necklaces, etc.), and eyeglasses or contact lenses.
4. Use a cape or towel to avoid staining your clothes.

How to Apply

1. Dispense cream onto the brush side of the special comb brush.
2. For full-head application, start combing gently through the grayest area.
3. For hairline and temples, use the end of the brush side to apply the cream.
4. Distribute the cream evenly with the comb side.
5. Leave the cream on your hair for 30 minutes.
6. For touch-up allocation, just apply the cream to new growths and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then distribute the cream well from the roots to the ends using the comb side, and leave it on for another 15 minutes.
7. Rinse hair thoroughly before applying shampoo and conditioner.

What I Like about This Product

Here’s a list of reasons why I love this product.
1. It is quick to dispense. All it takes is one press on the nozzle to release the two creams together. You don’t need to mix anything, hence no bowl needed for mixing.
2. It is easy to apply. You simply have to comb it through your hair.
3. It provides full gray hair coverage if applied properly.
4. It is economical. The one-push bottle keeps the creams fresh with its anti-oxidant mechanism, so you can use what’s left for your next application. A Php399 bottle is good for at least 2 uses for me. There was even a time I used one bottle for three separate applications.
5. It doesn’t make your hair stiff and dry. Even if you just shampoo your hair after rinsing the applied hair color, your hair is still soft.
6. It contains three natural extracts: grapeseed oil, eucalyptus oil, and primrose oil. These are natural hair growers which also help promote hair and scalp health.
7. It has a mild scent. The smell is not offensive at all.
8. The color lasts as long as the one I am getting from the salon.

I was meaning to show a before- and after-photo of my hair as I already have those pictures taken a few months ago. I accidentally deleted those pictures on my phone, however, and failed to recover them within the 30-day allotted period, and now they’re lost forever. Sigh! Anyway, I’ll take new photos again in two weeks’ time and have them posted here as soon as they become available.

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5 Responses

  1. yes po naka try na dn aq ng pang color na to, super dali nya lang po gamitin, hnd dn xa ganun kabilis mabura kumpara sa ibang hair color po na ilang linggo lang ata e tanggal na, hilig q dn po yan ang mag color color ng hair lalo na kapag wala po aqng magawa, medyo dry na nga dn hair q kakukulay po hahah buti na lang alagang keratin dn to kaya hnd na need gumastos sa salon, try nyo dn ang BIGEN guys super ganda ng product na yan. ?❤

  2. Maganda nga po ito mommy. nasubukan kona nato.. Mahilig kasi akong mag pakulay ng buhok noon pa man.. Yun na talaga ang habit ko ehehe. Gusto ko kc lagi maganda color ng hair ko.. Buti nalang talaga tong Bigen Talagang napaka tagal mawala ng kulay . Compare sa ibang ginamit ko noon. Sobrang bilis matanggal.. Mas magastos kasi kapag ganun na lagi ka nag papakulay..

  3. Wow thankyou for sharing your review and how to apply . Gusto ko siya matry dahil mahilig din ako magkulay ng hair . Easy to use lang pla siya gamitin hndi na ako mahihirapan ?❤️

  4. i love your detailed review. this Bigen One-Push Cream Color is a nice product. i love that it comes already with a complete kit unlike other brands that are available in the market. i like that there are instructions indicated. this is highly recommended; made of natural extracts, easy to apply yet lasts long, and the scent is mild only.

  5. I haven’t tried this products po sa work ko kasi bawal ang may kulay ng buhok.Pero ang ganda po ng products nila.Thank you for sharing complete details lalo na kung pano yung tamang pag gamit.Mas maganda ito Bigen One-Push Cream Color, lalo laking tipid,no need na pumunta ng salon.

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