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In this time of COVID-19 pandemic, the safest place people can be is within the confines of their homes, and the best means of avoiding getting infected with the virus is not going out if it can be helped and opting for online deliveries instead. I’ve been regularly getting our groceries from LazMart, but last month, I started ordering from GoRobinsons, the online store of Robinsons Supermarket.

My 3rd delivery from GoRobinsons

I started ordering groceries from GoRobinsons last October, and I’ve already made three purchases to date. My latest purchase through this online store arrived last Friday, November 6. While Robinsons Supermarket Galleria branch is so near our place, I would not really risk going out and staying for more than an hour in the grocery store to buy our home essentials while the risk of getting COVID-19 is still high.

The Upsides of Using GoRobinsons
1. GoRobinsons allows me to shop for the things our family needs anytime at the comfort of our own home. There’s no need to physically go out and shop for groceries during this COVID-19 pandemic.
2. I get to use my Robinsons Rewards card which earns me points when I shop at any participating Robinsons stores, 1 point (equivalent to 1 peso) for every Php100 purchase. I then get to redeem my accumulated points on my succeeding purchases.
3. Because I’m ordering from a supermarket, I can buy almost anything in one go (frozen or fresh meat, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, toiletries, etc.). This saves me time and effort.
4. Products are varied, so customers have a choice on which brands of which products they prefer to buy.

The Downsides of Using GoRobinsons
1. Because Robinsons Supermarket offers a wide variety of brands and products, it takes longer to shop. The first time I used GoRobinsons, it took me almost two hours to finish my order for our 2-week grocery supply. My advice is if you already have a preferred brand for your grocery items, go type them in the Search box to expedite the ordering process.
2. I wish the Customer Service department of the Robinsons Supermarket branch nearest us would call me to ask for replacement for grocery items on my list that are unavailable. GoRobinsons currently does not have the capability to edit customers’ orders and substitute items.
3. Senior citizen and PWD discounts are not honored for GoRobinsons online transactions.

How to Use GoRobinsons
Go to to create your account. Customers may use their email address to register.

Areas Covered by GoRobinsons
GoRobinsons delivers to Metro Manila and select areas of Rizal.

Minimum Order Value
Minimum purchase is Php1000, and free delivery for Php3,500 worth of order.

Payment Options
They accept cash on delivery and debit and credit card payments through PayMaya and PayPal.

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