Moving Your Motorcycle Cross Country

Planning to move house soon and if you own a motorcycle, you can ride your bike to the new home if you are only moving a short distance away. This option may not be a good one for some people especially if you have your household items to take with you. If you are moving cross country, you would definitely need the help of a professional motorcycle transport service.

Choosing a motorcycle shipping company

When you are moving long-distance, you should probably ship it to your destination instead. The only way to guarantee that the moving of your motorcycle is a success is to choose a motorcycle shipping company that specializes in the transportation of motorcycles. Such companies will have the required experience, insurance and reputation to help you complete the job quickly and safely.

Just how to find one of the best motorcycle shipping companies in the country? Don’t worry because you can now request for personalized quotes from online marketplace platforms such as Shiply. It allows you a one-stop place to check out rates to move your motorcycle and compare quotes. Just fill in a simple form and you will receive shipping quotes sent directly into your inbox.

The motorcycle shipping company which you have selected will offer you a few options on how to transport your motorcycle and they are:-
Enclosed Shipping – This method of transport is the most secure way to ship a motorbike. Your bike will be completely protected from the elements and transport hazards. Enclosed transport is also the most expensive way to ship a bike.
Crated Shipping – The bike is kept safe and tightly secured inside of a crate. This shipping service may require a bit more preparation and it is the absolute safest way to ship a bike.
Door to Door – This option is the most convenient for shippers. The truck will arrive at your home on the day of the move and do a brief inspection of the motorcycle. After the inspection, it will be loaded onto the truck and delivered directly to its destination.
• Terminal to Terminal – This delivery option may not as convenient as others, but it will save you some money. You will need to arrange for a ride home for yourself from the terminal where you will drop off the bike. You will also need to pick the bike up from the terminal once it has been delivered.

Shipping Cost

The motorcycle shipping cost is based on several factors such as follows:-
Size and weight – The size and weight of your motorbike will definitely affect the shipping cost. Lightweight models weigh somewhere between 200 and 300 pounds, while larger and heavier ones weigh approximately 500 pounds. Shipping companies charge more for transporting larger and heavier bikes.
Distance – The greater the transport distance is, the higher the price will be because greater distances require more fuel.
Pick up and drop off locations – If the bike is picked up and dropped off in an urban area, the cost will be cheaper. Remote locations that are harder to access are usually more expensive to service.

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