Why You Should Watch The Moon Embracing the Sun

I have no idea who Kim Soo-hyun is prior to watching It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. Curiosity got the better of me, so I searched for his name online and learned that he is Korea’s highest paid actor for 2020. I also watched his earlier K-dramas on Netflix to see more and know more about this very promising actor. I absolutely enjoyed watching The Moon Embracing the Sun so much so that I pulled an all-nighter to finish all of its 20 episodes pronto.

The Moon Embracing the Sun centers on the love story between a king and a shaman that’s poignant and heart-rending for the most part but with a redeeming ending. Here you’ll see play politics, sorcery, betrayal, undying love, friendship and loyalty, and the triumph of good versus evil. Writing about this K-drama makes me really want to watch it again. The Moon Embracing the Sun won the Best Drama and Best Actor awards in the 48th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2012.

Crown Prince Lee Won (Yeo Jin-goo) is set to marry noble lady Yeon Woo (Kim Yoo-jung), but the soon-to-be-appointed Crown Princess is afflicted with a mysterious illness and dies before the wedding happens. Everyone assumes Yeon Woo is dead, but she comes back to the palace eight years later as a trained shaman named Wol (Han Ga-in) with no memories of her past. By this time, King Lee Won is already married to a woman he does not love, Queen Bo-Kyung (Kim Min-seo).  After countless mishaps and tragedies, the true identity of Shaman Wol is revealed, and she claims her place as the rightful queen.

My Two Cents
I think the plot is well thought out. It’s an interesting, well-written story with interesting twists and turns. Kim Soo-hyun was at his best portraying a very complex and demanding character of a heartbroken and bitter yet charismatic and brilliant young king. Donning his kingly robes, he looks dashing, regal, manly, and oh so sexy!  You’ll be completely taken by his acting, too, especially in the heart-wrenching scenes. However, what happened to Prince Yang Myung’s character (Jung Il-woo) in the end, albeit dramatic, was unbelievable and quite preventable. I also think that Hang Ga-In’s portrayal of Queen Yeon Woo was overshadowed by the brilliant performance of the young Seon Woo (Kim Yoo-jung).

To be honest, historical K-dramas are really not my thing, but I enjoyed watchingThe Moon Embracing the Sun for its engaging storyline and brilliant performance of its actors, with Kim Soo-hyun leading the pack. It’s available on Netflix if you still haven’t watched it yet.

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