Online Grocery Shopping at LazMart During ECQ

Since the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) was imposed in NCR last March 16, I haven’t really been out of our condo unit to buy the things we need at home. We totally rely on deliveries for our supply of groceries, fresh meat, fruits and vegetables, and even medicines. I have only tried two online grocery stores so far. First was Metromart and second was LazMart. It was hard to secure a delivery slot at Metromart. It took me several days of trying before I had a successful transaction. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t able to use Metromart’s mobile app again because the app’s update isn’t available yet on my mobile phone. Upon the recommendation of a fellow Pisay mom, I tried LazMart’s online grocery service, and just last Friday, we got our 6th delivery from them.

No need to secure a date for delivery – Unlike Metromart, LazMart doesn’t require you to secure a delivery date to successfully complete one transaction. There was always no available delivery date at Metromart. It took me almost a week of trying at Metromart before I was able to check out my purchases. On the other hand, every transaction I did at LazMart has been successful in one go.
Gives estimated dates of delivery – LazMart gives dates when customers can expect delivery of their orders. In my case, most of my orders came earlier than the dates LazMart provided. Our latest LazMart package arrived 11 days before the earliest estimated date of delivery.
Accepts different modes of payment – Debit and credit cards are accepted, as well as cash on delivery (COD). There are times, though, like now that we’re on ECQ, that the COD option is suspended.
• Easy tracking of orders – Once you successfully check out your orders, you will receive an email telling you that LazMart has already received your order. You will also receive a text message to inform you when delivery is on its way.
Well-packed items – LazMart boxes are properly sealed and labeled, and the items inside are well-stacked and well-packed. Bottled items are covered with bubble wrap to prevent breakage during transit.

Our recent orders from LazMart

Limited stocks only – Like most online groceries this time of ECQ, not all the items you need or want are available at LazMart. You’re lucky if you’re able to snag home essentials, like iodized salt and bleach, for example. I wasn’t able to buy those items in all my six transactions with them as they are always sold out. I guess it’s quite understandable given the high demand for those items from customers these ECQ days.
Constantly changing delivery fees – LazMart’s delivery fee keeps changing. Initially, they offered free delivery for a minimum total purchase of Php2,500. Later on, they charged Php150 delivery fee, and just recently, they changed it to Php250. As a customer who keeps coming back, I feel it’s quite unfair to do this without even explaining why. LazMart should stick to their free delivery offer to keep their existing customers happy and to entice more people to try LazMart, too.

Because the pros outweigh the cons, I will still continue ordering from LazMart even after the ECQ is lifted. Have you tried LazMart as well?

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