My Pleasant Experience with Vegetable Delivery

I have already tried three vegetable delivery services while on enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). I have ordered from Oh My Gulay, Session Groceries and just recently from Vegetable Delivery. My experiences with Oh My Gulay and Session Groceries were both okay, but I still wanted to try other vegetable delivery services to find the one that’s most convenient for me. Vegetable Delivery was my most recent find in Facebook. What got me to try it was the fact that they’re near our place, so I assumed it won’t take days before they could deliver my orders, and I was right. So I had my first order from them last Tuesday, and I was quite happy I found them.

Here are the reasons why I’m a satisfied customer of Vegetable Delivery:
They offer next-day delivery. If you send in your orders now, you will get them the next day. This makes it easier for you to plan your menu for the week because you don’t have to wait long to get your delivery of fruits and vegetables.
Vegetables and fruits are all fresh. The fruits and vegetables they delivered to us were all fresh. Just the sight of those plump tomatoes and long, slender eggplants were enough to make my day. Vegetable Delivery get their supplies directly from Baguio.
They sell other items, too. Aside from fresh fruits and vegetables, you can also get other home staples from them like eggs, brown sugar and corn starch among others. They even sell fresh fish and meat.
They accept COD and BPI deposit. Customers have two options to pay: cash on delivery or through BPI deposit. In my case, I chose to deposit to their BPI account the total amount I bought from them plus the delivery fee.
Seller is accommodating. I requested that my fish orders be cleaned and cut, and the seller granted my request. Further, the seller would ask you to pay only after you’ve personally checked that your order is complete. Since my mode of payment was through BPI deposit, my orders were delivered prior to payment. In all the vegetable delivery services I’ve availed during ECQ, Vegetable Delivery is only seller that didn’t ask for payment first before delivery. How cool is that?

Vegetable Delivery was conceived last March to provide delivery services for people who do not want to leave their homes during ECQ. Vegetable Delivery is a brainchild of Ms. Carla Camile Ramos, a full-time accountant in a shared-service company. Her family is a vegetable wholesaler with stalls in Pasig Mega Market.

For inquiries and orders, send a message to Vegetable Delivery’s Facebook page or text/call them at this number: 0919-000-6318. Vegetable Delivery has recently changed their FB name to E-Market.

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