Experience Recreation with Education + Ultimate Outdoor Fun at Gratchi’s Getaway Farm Resort

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We headed to Silang, Cavite last Thursday for an overnight stay at Gratchi’s Getaway Farm Resort. I’ve learned about this place from Facebook and Instagram, and the wanderlust in me got curious. We were supposed to pay this place a visit a few months ago, but the plan only pushed through last week.

We stayed at one of the VIP rooms here, just a few steps away from Gratchi’s Waterfalls Infinity Pool.

Oh, by the way, we went to Gratchi’s Getaway as paying customers, so this write-up is definitely NOT a sponsored post.

We arrived at Gratchi’s Getaway two (2) hours after our supposed check-in time.

Hubby was tired from driving, so he stayed at one of the VIP rooms assigned to us. While he was napping, my son and I wandered about the resort, took pictures, and reveled in the beauty of the place.

The Bulwagan or Pavilion is perfect for events, seminars, and conferences.

All rooms at Gratchi’s, including these cottages, are airconditioned.

Guests can stay at the Picnic Kubos to enjoy their delicious meals or just simply hang out with family and friends.

Gratchi’s Getaway is the perfect venue for company outings, team buildings, educational tours, and family vacations. It’s a 2-hectare property of natural landscape located in Barangay Cabangaan, Silang, Cavite.

Dinner, prepared at Gratchi’s kitchen, was delicious. We had Korean Fried Chicken and Mushroom Kare-Kare.

What made our visit at Gratchi’s more exciting was the fact that I’d also be seeing a former colleague and a dear friend who works here. We haven’t seen each other for a long time. He paid us a visit after dinner time.

Kuya Tam and me

Kuya Tam, hubby, and me were former officemates. I call him “Kuya,” and he calls me “Ate.” The three of us chatted the night away, catching up with each other since the last time we saw him was 15 years ago before I had my open-head surgery in 2004.

The following day, we had a yummy and filling breakfast. We were provided free snacks, too, courtesy of our dear Kuya Tam. These and the dinner we had the previous night will be featured in Delight My Appetite.

We went swimming after breakfast.

Then we went river trekking.

The river trek was tiring, but it was worth it!

Before we left, we also got to see Gratchi’s Bahay Kabute (Mushroom House).

This is where they grow oyster mushroom that they use in the dishes they cook for their guests.

Things to Do at Gratchi’s

Guests will never run out of things to do at Gratchi’s. You can choose from any of these activities or do all if you want:
Rest and relax. Airconditioned rooms are available for those who wish to spend a night or two at Gratchi’s. They also have picnic kubos, allowing guests to enjoy nature at its finest.
Swim to your heart’s content. Guests can enjoy the cool water of their Waterfalls Infinity Pool. A smaller and more shallow pool below it is also available for the little ones. Construction is currently ongoing for a third pool, a much bigger one, to accommodate more people.
Draw, paint, and write at the Artist’s Nook. Unleash your creativity in this area specifically dedicated for the artist in you.
Go fishing. Gratchi’s has a Palaisdaan (fish pond) filled with black and red tilapia (St. Peter’s fish).
Ride the 124-meter zipline. This will give you a breathtaking view of the farm and that exhilarating adrenaline rush.
Try the high ropes courses. How would you like to test your skills with nine (9) off-the-ground challenges?
Have an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) ride. Go around the trail riding Gratchi’s ATVs.
Experience river trekking. Discover a gem of a river with the help of an able guide.
Join an educational farm tour. Learn how to plant and farm at Gratchi’s. Students and guests will be given pointers on mushroom growing, vermicomposting, animal feeding, etc.
Hold events, seminars, and conferences. Gratchi’s Bulwagan or Pavilion will surely meet Whatever venue requirements your company needs.

Things We Enjoyed at Gratchi’s

First and foremost, the staff are very friendly and welcoming. They are very courteous, too. Second, the food is good yet inexpensive. You should try their Crispy Fried Mushroom, Mushroom Kare-Kare, and their refreshing Tarragon Iced Tea. Third, the place is awesome! As I’ve said in my FB post, there’s never a dull moment here as there are tons of things to do at Gratchi’s. Finally, communing with nature seems to be the main objective of Gratchi’s, so quite naturally, getting cut off from the rest of the world during your stay here is expected, which means there’s no wifi here. But fret not because you can still bring your own pocket wifi, and there’s strong signal at Gratchi’s. Yay!

Things That Can Be Improved at Gratchi’s

Silang, Cavite is a high place with a cool temperature, so the water in the pool is quite cold. I hope that sometime in the near future, Gratchi’s management will consider installing a heater in their pools, too, for a more enjoyable stay.

We enjoyed our stay at Gratchi’s Getaway to the hilt. We actually regretted not having stayed longer as we haven’t tried the other activities yet. We would have wanted our son to try his hand at fishing or do the high ropes courses. I would have also loved to try the zipline. Oh well, as the saying goes, There’s always a next time,” so yes, we will definitely be back here before you know it.

Check out this Facebook link for a video of our family trip to Gratchi’s.

Gratchi’s Getaway Farm Resort
Landline: (02) 8664-1633
Globe: 09177265484
Sun: 09228910963
Smart: 09209565673
Email: info@gratchi.com
Website: https://www.gratchi.com/

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15 Responses

  1. Wow, this is the first time I’m hearing about this place. Looks like a perfect place for a quick getaway with the family especially since it’s not that far from Manila. I’d love to take mine there soon!

  2. This looks interesting, I want my kids to experience this kind of adventure. I’ll add this to my list. Thanks for sharing ?

  3. Nice to know this place, parang type ko yung educational farm tour. Marami-rami na rin kami napuntahan sa Tagaytay and so far wala pa heated pool kaming napagstayan kaya nakakadalawang isip magswimming unless summer season. 🙂

  4. We love staycations and we have tried farm staycations too. I would love to go here soon. Ang daming fun activities for sure mag-eenioy ang mga kids. I want my kids to enjoy outdoor adventures and farm getaways!

  5. Wow, that is a very nice getaway place to have some serious R & R. I like that they have plenty of things to do for the guests to enjoy aside from the usual swimming. I will be keen to take my family there when we have a longer vacation in the Philippines.

  6. Oh this is nice. It is not that far from the metro. I like the many activities this resort has to offer and the chance to stay in a native cottage is fantastic. I will let my sisters know about this. Maybe we can plan a weekend there this coming summer season.

  7. Must visit po ang place sana after ng pandemic maka punta din ako dito lalo na ang dami mo pwede gawing activities. Ganda din ng design ng kubo nila sarap mag relax sa ganyan lalo na pag tanghali kasi hindi mainit.Pati pool nila kitang kita mo din ang linis.

  8. Wow so beautiful place. Heto talaga yung mga lugar na binabalik balikan ? Sobrang nakakarelax naman po dito. Must visit po dito. Mas nakaka enjoy pa lalo kapag kasama mo ang family and friends mo. Napaka sayang bonding po nito.

  9. Wow sa silang lang pala to, mejo malapit to sa min. I like the place very spacious at maganda. Ang dami pang activities na pwedeng gawin, mag enjoy ka talaga. The foods are great as well. I’m sure the climate is as nice as in Tagaytay. Enjoyable ang stay.

  10. Ayy wow ang ganda nman po dito . Sa ganito tlga masarap mamasyal nakakarelax pa . Super linis pa . Medyo malapit lang din pla ito samin ?❤️

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