The Growth of Foodpanda in Malaysia: Facts!

A lot of apps and websites these days offer food delivery service or a food delivery marketplace, but do you know which one among them is the best? In Malaysia, the most successful and popular food delivery service is provided by Foodpanda, a German company that operates in more than 30 countries worldwide. Foodpanda has a very active presence in six major cities in Malaysia. The company quickly sensed that the demand for food delivery will increase due to changing socio-economic conditions. To address this need, Foodpanda started an aggressive expansion policy and extended their operations to Malacca, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Ipoh, Miri, and Seremban.

Sayantan Das, the Managing Director of Foodpanda Malaysia, said in an interview that this expansion was the need of the hour. Today, more and more Malaysians are demanding high-quality food at their workplaces and their homes. They have become more conscious of what they eat and the nutrition they get from the food they are consuming. This awareness has led them to make informed choices about their favorite restaurants and the food they want to order. It is true that many good restaurants serve healthy food, but most of them lack a delivery infrastructure. Foodpanda is here to bridge that gap between the customer and the restaurant. With Foodpanda, you don’t have to worry about getting food from a restaurant that’s on the other side of town. Foodpanda will take care of the food delivery while you focus on other important things. Foodpanda’s vision is simple and clear, to bring premium quality and nutritious food to Malaysian people at affordable prices and to tap the food delivery Malaysia market.

The success of Foodpanda is also evident in the balance sheet of Delivery Hero. For those not in the know, Foodpanda was acquired by Delivery Hero in 2016, although the company is still headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Delivery Hero made sure that the Malaysian business of Foodpanda is given free rein to its investments. They also expanded the leadership in Foodpanda to accommodate more creative individuals that can take the company to a higher level. You will be surprised to know that the revenue generated by Foodpanda this year is more than 93 percent of the revenue generated last year. Such success is rarely enjoyed by a company, but Foodpanda has achieved that. Today, Foodpanda has delivery to more than 125 countries around the world.

Another reason for the success of Foodpanda is their tie-ups with restaurants, big or small alike. Before foodpanda entered the picture, the business was mostly fragmented. Most of the people preferred to eat somewhere near their homes. It was even worse for those who worked in offices; they did not have any choice. But everything has completely changed. Today, you can order from almost any restaurants in your city. Foodpanda has also helped these restaurants grow their businessess by enabling them to reach a larger customer base. Most of these restaurants have reported a growth of over 200% with Foodpanda.

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