Support & Save a Life, Love Heals Fundraising Campaign

Mommy Ging Pardito-Ibo of 8-Jasmin is a good friend of mine. Our sons became friends in Grade 7. Emerald babies we call them. Before school started last August, Ging was diagnosed to have breast cancer and was advised to undergo four cycles of chemotherapy before and after surgery. The purpose of chemotherapy before surgery is to reduce the size of the mass in her left breast to minimize the scar from her operation scheduled this December.

Mommy Ging with Daddy Jay

We, Ging’s friends from Emerald, are helping her raise funds for her breast cancer treatment. Support & Save a Life, Love Heals was officially launched last October 4.

We are selling T-shirts and mugs bearing the design of Ging’s artist son Gian. Through this campaign, we hope to help Ging raise money for her operation.

You can also help us save a life by purchasing the items we sell. If you want to help, please leave a comment on this blog post or leave me a message in Messenger; my Messenger handle is Maria Teresa Gregorio-Figuerres). You can also order through this FB link. Thank you and God bless your generous hearts!

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