Grade 7 Achievements and Learnings

The memory of my son weeping about his transfer to a new school is still clear to me. He said he would miss his classmates and friends from his old school, and I kept assuring him he would gain more friends in Pisay. It took a lot of convincing and coaxing to make him finally agree to this arrangement, but he easily warmed up to his new classmates in Grade 7-Emerald during orientation and was excitedly looking forward to their first day in school. He just started Grade 8 recently, and before school gets hectic again, I just want to remind my son of how he survived Grade 7, what he accomplished last school year, and how he can do better in Grade 8.

Justin got a bit of a culture shock in Math during Grade 7. Math used to be his strong point in grade school, so it became quite frustrating for him to realize that he was not fast enough to finish some of his Math quizzes/tests and not prepared enough for some of the quiz/test questions that he was not expecting to come out. At one point last year, he even mentioned he regretted not having MTG (Mathematics Trainers’ Guild) training. This he said could have prepared him better for Pisay Math. While this minor setback dampened his spirits, he continued to persevere and worked even harder to rise to the challenge, and he outdid himself in the last two quarters of Grade 7.

We got his report card showing a GWA (general weighted average) of 1.372 and two certificates of merit for being in the Director’s List for the last two quarters of SY 2018-2019. Achievement unlocked! I was the happiest mom not much for the recognition (I was happy for that, too!) but more so for the perseverance, hard work, and determination he showed during the second half of Grade 7. “Never giving up when the going gets tough” helped him recover and regain his self-confidence. That was his motto way back in grade school and up to now. And while he experienced toxic schedules in Grade 7, he also realized that procrastination and cramming won’t get him anywhere. I hope he makes use of this learning experience in Grade 8.

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