First Day High: Grade 8 at Pisay

I thought I wouldn’t be able to take a picture of my son on his 1st day of 8th grade, but I found a way to do just that. Having had to pick up Justin’s books which my mommy friend entrusted with the Gate 1 security guard of Pisay was a blessing in disguise. Doing so allowed me to walk with my son to the school’s entrance and take a photo of him and his friend before they finally dashed off to the gym for their flag ceremony.

I will never get tired of taking this obligatory first-day-of-school photo of my son. I’ve been consistently doing this since Kinder 2 at La Salle Greenhills, and I intend to keep doing it until his college years. Good luck, Justin! I hope you retain those fuller cheeks until the end of Grade 8.

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