Learn to Swim with Confidence at Bert Lozada Swim School

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At my age, I thought it was already too late to learn how to swim properly. I’m not formally trained, but I’m also not totally clueless about swimming. I can float, kick, and move in the water, but I can’t do breaststroke and freestyle swimming. Plus, I’m only swimming when I’m taller than the water in the pool. Yes, I admit. Lack of adequate swimming skills has made me afraid of getting into deep water. This lack of confidence prevents me from fully enjoying swimming as a form of recreation.

That’s why I said yes right away to an invite by Bert Lozada Swim School for a Mom-and-Child Swim Date at Ace Water Spa last Thursday. I needed to know if there’s still hope for a mom like me in her late 40s to conquer her fear of deep water and to improve the little that I know about swimming. For just one hour in the water with a seasoned BLSS coach, I’ve learned to do three different types of float (prone, supine and jellyfish), blow bubbles while swimming, and do flutter kick correctly.

While we never get to the breaststroke and freestyle lessons, I still felt accomplished to learn something new and to realize what I’ve been doing wrong. More importantly, I realized that “old dogs can still be taught new tricks.” Now more than ever, I’m determined to learn as much as I can about swimming. I know in my heart that I can do it, even if I’m already 47! With proper guidance from swimming experts like BLSS, young and old alike can conquer their fear of water and learn to swim with confidence.


Parents want the best for their children, and swimming is no exception. Personally, I want my son to learn from the best. Bert Lozada Swim School has been tried and tested since 1956. Sixty-three years in the business says a lot about this institution. BLSS has been named the Best Swim School in 2005 by the Philippine Marketing Association and was awarded 1st Place Best Swim School Picture in 2009 by the United States Swim School Conference. It has local and international affiliates as well.

Mr. Angelo Lozada, Chief Operating Officer of BLSS

BLSS’s Master Coaches undergo comprehensive formal training courses and seminars abroad. These acquired techniques are constantly updated, adapted, and passed on to the entire BLSS Member-Coaches. BLSS also produces, trains, and mentors powerful Swim Teams who compete in local, regional, national, and international swim competitions whose swim standings are recognized by the Philippine Olympic Committee, International Olympic Committee, and Federation Internationale de Natation.

Bert Lozada Swim School offers PE/ Varsity courses, too. It can provide and implement to all grade/year levels a curriculum for PE or Varsity Sports Program that integrates effective traditional insights with the latest sports science.


Bert Lozada Swim School advocates FUN swimming activities using SAFE swim gear/equipment/paraphernalia. Students as young as 6 months old up to 85 years old are welcome to enroll at BLSS.

BLSS has different programs designed for various age groups, and they are as follows:
1. Babies
A. Level 1: Starfish (Water Explorer, 6 to 12 months old)
B. Level 2: Puffers (Water Familiar, 1 to 2.5 years old)
C. Level 3: Guppies (Water Safety, 2.6 to 4 years old)
D. Level 4: Penguins (Water Confident, 2.6 to 4 years old)
E. Level 5: Seals (Water Independent, 2.6 to 4 years old)
2. Kids
A. Level 1: Snapper 1 (For children who are afraid of the water or little or no swimming experience.)
B. Level 2: Snapper 2 (For children ready to work without the parent or caregiver and are developing
10m Survival Swim and 10m Dog Paddle)
C. Level 3: Jammer 1 (For children who are developing 15m Survival Swim and 15m Basic Freestyle)
D. Level 4: Jammer 2 (For children who are developing 15m Backstroke and 15m Butterfly)
E. Level 5: Jammer 3 (For children who are developing 15m Breast Stroke and Advance freestyle mechanics)
3. Swim Squad (pre-competitive swim program with supervised coaching, 5 years old and above)
4. Adults (16 to 85 years old, 6 levels)
A. Intro to Swim
B. Basic
C. Advance 1
D. Advance 2
E. Power Swim
F. Power Tri

With 70 locations nationwide, I bet there is a BLSS branch near you. So what are you waiting for? Enroll your kids and yourselves now!

And before I close, allow me to thank the generous sponsors of this Mom-and-Child Swim Date: Bert Lozada Swim School, Ace Water Spa, Speedo, Dermplus, and Toy Kingdom!

Disclaimer: Cameras and cellphones are not allowed in the locker/ pool area, except for this special blogging event.

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