Urbanity Bash 2019 at PSHS-MC

One of the Grade 7 activities that Justin attended at Pisay was the Urbanity Bash: A Showcase of Good Taste and Refinement of Behavior, which was held at the PSHS Gymnasium last February 15. Urbanity Bash was a major requirement in their Values Education I (ValEd) subject and comprised 20% of their grade for the 3rd quarter. The Urbanity Bash allowed Grade 7 students to apply in real life the topics they discussed in their ValEd class like social graces and good manners, as well as virtues like temperance, modesty, self-discipline, etc.

Justin clowning around with Justice, one of his closest buddies in Grade 7.

Grade 7 students were required to dress up in semi-formal attire and to show proper behavior throughout the program, i.e., observing proper table manners when eating and practicing social graces when dancing and communicating with others.

Grade 7-Emerald group picture (photo credit: Justice Abdon)

Dancing was also an integral part of the Urbanity Bash. Each section had to present a group dance. Justin’s class, Grade 7-Emerald, performed a modern dance medley, which was well-applauded. Students likewise had the chance to ask their classmates or students from other section to dance with them.

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