Tefal Spherical Pot Rice Cookers: The Revolutionary Way to Cook Rice and More

If there’s one food item that I can’t live without, it would be rice. And if rice is softer, fluffier, and cooked perfectly, so much the better! This actually explains my excitement over the launch of Tefal’s latest and most innovative rice cooker at the SM Makati Ground Floor Concourse recently.

Ms. Issa Litton with Chef Jonas Ng demonstrating the versatility and ease of use of Tefal’s spherical pot rice cookers

Hosted by Ms. Issa Litton and with a cooking demo by Chef Jonas Ng, the event formally introduced Tefal’s spherical rice cookers, the most functional kitchen appliance you’d probably have, that combines the best of two worlds: modern technology plus the goodness of old firewood claypot cooking.

Japanese Tuna Rice cooked with Tefal spherical pot rice cooker

Tefal Spherical Pot Rice Cookers

The Tefal Optimal Spherical Pot Rice Cooker (RK8145) and Initial Spherical Pot Rice Cooker (RK7405) are noticeably different from the usual rice cookers as they are round in shape, which resembles the palayok or traditional claypot Filipinos used in the past for cooking rice and other viands with.

Five Golden Features of Tefal Spherical Pot Rice Cookers

Tefal’s spherical pot rice cookers have five remarkable features that set them apart from the rest.

1. 3D Heating Technology
Instead of the one-sided heating element found in traditional rice cookers, which sometimes results in unevenly cooked rice, heating elements are placed in the spherical pot rice cooker’s side, bottom and top, giving optimal and balanced cooking performance.

2. The Tefal Exclusive 62-degree Golden Angle
Tefal introduced a unique technology for rice cookers, designing the Spherical Pot with a double 62-degree golden angle, forming it in the shape of a palayok and upgrading it from the usual vertical sides of rice cookers. This makes each grain of rice fluffier, fuller, and flavorful.

3. Super Durable and Resistant
The Spherical Pot has 6 durable and qualitative multilayers in its inner pot, up to 2.5mm** thickness, with durable and resistant ceramic non-stick coating for optimal heat circulation.

4. Fuzzy Logic AI Technology
Tefal incorporates the Fuzzy Logic technology in the Spherical Pot. Artificial intelligence in the form of a microchip in the Spherical Pot automatically adjusts cooking time and temperature, depending on the types of ingredients used, providing perfect and tasty results.

The Tefal Optimal Spherical Pot Rice Cooker (RK8145) optimizes cooking functions with is 35 built-in cooking programs that can cook not only rice but porridge, congee, soup, and desserts, among others. This also allows you to cook rice in different ways – soft, hard, crispy and normal. The Tefal Initial Spherical Pot Rice Cooker (RK7405), on the other hand, has nine cooking programs to choose from.

From left to right: Chef Jonas Ng, Tefal Brand Ambassador; Mr. Michael Yu, Marketing Director (Hongkong and Philippines) GroupeSEB; Ms. Julie Lim, Vice-President, Business Development, Collins International Trading Corporation

Michael Yu, Marketing Director Hongkong and the Philippines of Groupe SEB Asia, the world leader in small domestic equipment that owns Tefal, said that Tefal reinvented cooking with the non-stick pan, when it tried to address the need of the market for a simpler, attractive and multi-functional kitchenware.

“And Tefal is still at it – reinventing cooking – this time with rice. This staple food for every Filipino is very easy to cook, and anyone can do it – and yes, you can use any kind of pot or rice cooker to do it. But for Tefal, rice cooked in just any type of pot or electric rice cooker is not enough. This is because Filipinos deserve the perfectly cooked rice every time. And they can do just that with the Tefal spherical pot rice cooker. That’s why it is revolutionary,” Yu said.

With Tefal’s spherical pot rice cookers, perfectly cooked rice, however you like it, is achievable! They’re now available in leading department and appliance stores.

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