How to Become the Next Pinoy Rockstar

Dreaming of becoming a rockstar? Well, you can be with the use of the internet. Whether it’s belting a powerful karaoke song at the mall, busting a move to some of the coolest hip hop songs, or acting in front of the camera, your dream of becoming a rockstar is not far from happening.

Marcus Rayden Cabais, Cartoon Network’s first-ever Ultimate Pinoy Rockstar

However, being a rockstar is more than just having lots of likes and shares on social media. Here’s the ultimate guide to making your dream a reality.

Discipline is key.
Ever wonder what popular rockstars have in common? It’s discipline. If you want to make your mark in the entertainment industry, you must practice discipline on a daily basis. Start with small things like being on time for rehearsals, eating healthy food, and exercising in the morning.

Have a passionate heart.
Being passionate will also help you achieve your dream of becoming a rockstar. Passion will help you stay committed to whatever you want to do and achieve. And with a heart for your craft, you can definitely face any challenge and succeed!

Be humble.
Stay humble. Never allow fame and fortune go to your head. Remain level-headed and treat others with humility. Take a cue from your favorite performers! They are respected, appreciated, not to mention, immensely followed on social media because they remain humble despite their popularity.

Just be you.
Show your true personality. Do what you love most and keep on improving. You’ll never know, you might star in the next big commercial or even a movie just because you’re showing who you really are.

Nothing beats attitude.
Having a positive attitude can greatly influence your behavior. If someone critiques your performance, take it positively and improve yourself. The road to fame is not easy, but if you have the right attitude, you can cope with almost anything.

Confidence matters.
If you want others to believe in you, you must believe in yourself first. Build up your self-confidence and become more comfortable performing on stage by joining more competitions like the search for the next Cartoon Network Rockstar.

Cartoon Network Rockstar is an annual talent search that showcases the abilities of young Pinoy celebrity aspirants. Last year, Marcus Rayden Cabais was named Cartoon Network’s first-ever Ultimate Pinoy Rockstar.

Got what it takes to be the next Cartoon Network’s ultimate rockstar? Then take note of the following:
1. The competition is open to kids and teens aged 6-19 years old.
2. Participants should upload a 2-3 minute demo video of them singing, dancing, acting or doing a cool stunt.
3. Participants can send it to The video must not exceed 20MB.
4. Each entry should have your name, age, gender, birthday, contact number, home address, email address and your guardian’s name and contact number.
5. Wait for an email confirmation from Cartoon Network acknowledging your entry.

Ten performers will be chosen to perform on stage during Cartoon Network’s grand finals on December 9, 2018. Amazing prizes await this year’s winner including a talent management contract with Viva Artists Agency.

Submission of entries will be from October 26 until November 23, 2018. For more details about the contest, check out Tune in to Cartoon Network on Cignal Digital TV Channel 220 (HD), Sky Direct Channel 15 (HD), SkyCable Channel 178 (HD), and Destiny Cable Channel 178 (HD Digital) to get more news and updates.

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