A Visit to Bang Pa-In Royal Palace in Ayutthaya, Thailand

We had a private day tour of Ayutthaya when we went to Thailand last year. The first place we visited was the Bang Pa-In Royal Palace, one of Thailand’s popular tourist destinations.

The Bang Pa-In Royal Palace is a vast palace complex located along the Chao Phraya River. It serves as a summer dwelling for Thai royalties.

Inside the palace are iconic structures of European and Thai architectural styles.

According to Bangkok website, the Bang Pa-In Royal Palace was built by King Prasat in 1632. The palace was abandoned for a long time following the Burmese raids in 1767.

King Mongkut renovated the palace in the mid-1800s.

Most of the buildings inside Bang Pa-In Royal Palace today were created by King Mongkut’s successor, King Chulalongkorn.

Our next stop was Wat Mahathat a.k.a “Monastery of the Great Relic.”

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