Filipina Fashionistas Took Center Stage in Basics Redefined: The Perla Fashion Show

Perla, the leading laundry soap in the Philippines, set the stage on fire with its recent event called Basics Redefined: The Perla Fashion Show. Thirty real-life Perla users, who slayed the all-white OOTD contest on Facebook and Instagram, sashayed on stage donning their all-white looks, proving to one and all that white outfits are neither dull nor boring but empowering and timeless.

Aside from walking down the runway with their chic and clean looks last August 25 at The Block, SM North Edsa, the 30 Pinay winners of the social media contest got to meet Perla’s brand ambassador, TV host and actress, Ms. Toni Gonzaga.

“It’s too inspiring to see all these ladies, from all walks of life gathered in one place to celebrate fashion and timeless style,” Toni shared. “These women are mothers, students, and career women, and Perla took the time to pamper them, dress them, and glam them up. I’m so happy that they got to experience the level of Perla’s meticulous care, just like what I’ve enjoyed from Perla.”

Photo (L-R) Ms. Toni Gonzaga, Brand ambassador; Mr. Quiel Estrella – Perla Brand Specialist, SCPG Asia-Pacific Inc.; 3rd place Jamielyn Ruby Abdula; 1st place Trishia Louise Perez; 2nd place Maria Melinda David; Gelli Victor, event host and Norman Agatep, President & Managing Director of Grupo Agatep

Three ladies, who exuded grace and confidence, were eventually named winners and took home special prizes from Perla. The audience were a happy bunch, too; many received special gift packs by joining the activities and games.

My Perla Experience
Perla laundry soap was a staple in our household when we (my siblings and I) were growing up. We were living with relatives back then, and come laundry day, I would see the old folks in the house using Perla Original White for washing their white clothes. For us grandchildren, though, the use of Perla was quite different, a habit we acquired from our circle of friends. We were using Perla Original White as facial soap and in one or two occasions, as body soap more out of curiosity than anything else, but surprise, surprise! It worked so well! Perla is gentle on the skin and non-drying. The texture and the scent actually remind me of the unscented Ivory soap.

And just last week, I used Perla Original White in handwashing our hankies, undies and socks. After 2 hours of thorough handwashing, I have observed that I didn’t develop red rash on my wrist after using Perla compared to my current detergent brand. My skin wasn’t dry, too, and there’s no slimy feel on my hands after using Perla. I also didn’t need to use a fabric conditioner anymore to soften and freshen what I washed. I love how gentle and mild it was on both our clothes and my hands, plus its clean fresh scent was exactly what I needed for my son who suffers from allergic rhinitis. You see, the strong scent of most fabric conditioners lingers on clothes, which triggers my son’s allergy, so yes, Perla alone, will do.

Perla: A Trusted Brand
So what makes Perla a household name for almost 70 years? Here are the facts:
• Perla is made from pure coconut oil. Coconut oil has lauric acid, an excellent cleaning agent that attracts and traps dirt, making it easy to wash away.
• It has no harmful and harsh ingredients that may damage the fiber of clothes.
• It’s environment-friendly.
• It contains glycerin that moisturizes the skin.
• It’s hypoallergenic, making it safe and gentle on skin.
• It’s dermatologist-recommended.
• It’s proudly Philippine-made.

And if what I have mentioned aren’t enough, Perla laundry soap now comes in three variants: Original White, Original Blue and Papaya. The more, the merrier, right? With Perla, you can rest assured that the two things most important to you are well protected: your skin and your clothes.

To know more about the Basics Redefined: Perla Fashion Show and to get first dibs on their exciting promos and offers, follow Perla on Facebook ( and on Instagram (

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