PWD ID: How and Where to Apply + the Benefits and Privileges

I have been visually impaired for years. The medical certificate that I recently obtained from my ophthalmologist sums up his findings: “generalized visual field depression with relative sparing of the center (right eye) and left-sided hemianopsia (left eye), secondary to pituitary adenoma.” In layman’s terms, I have no peripheral/side vision in my left eye and my right eye is practically useless. You can read the full story about my medical condition on this previous blog post.

It has taken me so long to apply for a PWD ID, partly because I was still in denial. Initially, I didn’t want to accept the fact that I am not my normal self anymore, that there are now limitations to what I can do. I also didn’t want people to pity me or consider me a weakling or a useless person if they know about my medical condition. I also didn’t want to be a burden to anybody. That’s why I still carry on with my usual wifey/mommy duties as if nothing happened, although this hasn’t always been easy.

Another reason why I haven’t been getting a PWD ID is because my son didn’t approve of it. While he didn’t want to admit the real reason why, I know that the thought that his mom is a PWD breaks his young heart, but seeing his mom fighting and not giving up, he finally consented to me getting it. So I finally got my PWD ID last month and am now enjoying the benefits accorded to people with disabilities. With this blog post, I hope to help people like me obtain their own PWD ID and know the benefits they are entitled to.

Who Are Qualified to Get a PWD ID
Section 32 of Republic Act No. 7277, as amended, also known as the “Magna Carta for Persons with Disability” recognizes and protects the rights of persons with disabilities by giving them certain benefits and privileges. According to the NCDA website, the following can apply for a PWD ID:
• those with permanent disabilities
• those suffering from disabling diseases

How to Apply
Manually fill out a PWD registration form and submit the following: two 1×1 ID pictures, proof of disability and voter’s certificate. I was also asked to submit a full-body picture.

Where to Apply
PWDs or their representatives can get the PWD registration form from any of the following locations:
• Office of the Mayor
• Office of the Barangay Captain
• NCDA or its regional counterpart
• Any DSWD office
• Organizations with Memorandum of Agreements with the Department of Health (DOH)
• DOH Online Registration (

Processing Time
I was told to come back 10 days after I applied for a PWD ID, but I got mine after more than a month.

Validity Period
The PWD ID is free and is valid for 3 years. Once it expires, you can renew it for a minimal fee.

How to Use the PWD ID
For groceries and medicines/medical services, present your PWD ID and the corresponding booklet. For restaurants and cinemas, just show your PWD ID.

Benefits and Privileges
PWDs with PWD IDs are entitled to the following:
• at least 20% discount and VAT exemption in: (1) hotels, restaurants and recreation centers; (2) theaters, cinema houses, etc.; (3) medicines; (4) medical and dental services; (5) fare for land transportation and for domestic air and sea travel; (5) funeral and burial services
• 5% discount on basic necessities and prime commodities
• educational assistance
• provision of express lanes in all government and commercial establishments.

Visit the NCDA website to know more about the PWD ID and the complete list of benefits.

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3 Responses to PWD ID: How and Where to Apply + the Benefits and Privileges

  1. Deli says:

    Hello Sis. I thought your condition is quite challenging and you’re quite brave. Thanks for sharing this. This is very helpful, I have a close friend who is also struggling whether to get a PWD ID or not, I will encourage her to do so. God bless and keep you and your family.

  2. Liz Cochico says:

    I’m sorry to hear that it took you a long time to acquire a PWD, but I’m glad that you have it now. My husband is visually impaired and we were lucky we didn’t have a hard time when he applied for the ID.

  3. Delora says:

    I think we also need more information dissemination about benefits and privileges of getting a PWD ID so others who have disability or impairment will be encouraged to avail of it.

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