9 Tips to Prepare for an Essay Writing Competition

We all know that we can win awards from writing. Joining an essay competition is an excellent way to turn our creativity into a lucrative endeavor by creating award-winning pieces. If you want to play this game and want to be a winner, then you have to follow some steps.

1. Read the rules of the essay contest.
The most important thing to remember if you want to win an essay competition is to read the contest rules carefully. It is wise to know the complete contest mechanics first before writing and submitting your entry. Having accurate and complete information about the contest improves your chances of winning because you have delivered the right essay for the competition.

2. Brainstorm ideas for your essay.
People try to jump straight into writing essay entries in the essay competition, but it is not enough to win the race. First, gather your thoughts about the assigned topic and write them down. You can also do research about the topic if you need to. Then, create an outline of the things you will include in your essay, removing irrelevant and unnecessary information.

3. Formulate a thesis statement.
You also need to come up with a thesis statement for your essay that summarizes your paper’s main points and tells the readers why your essay is worth reading. What will your essay talk about, and why does it matter?

4. Grab the readers’ attention.
When you feel that it is time to write the article, make sure that you have an interesting opener. Remember that the first sentence of an essay is the most important one. If you start the piece with a compelling, entertaining, moving or hilarious first sentence, then your chances of becoming a winner are increased.

5. Write the first draft of your essay.
Using the ideas you have gathered during brainstorming and after formulating a thesis statement and interesting opener, now you are ready to write your first draft. You do not have to worry about grammar and mechanics at this point as you can still proofread your draft later.

6. Organize your essay.
Make sure your essay is well-organized. To make your essay to read, make sure your writing flows smoothly from one sentence/paragraph to the next sentence/paragraph. Using topic sentences and transition words will make your essay easier for the readers to understand.

7. Set your essay aside.
When you have written the first draft of your essay, keep it away for at least a week and do something else. Remove all thoughts about your written piece from your mind.

8. Proofread your essay.
Then, you need to have one final look at your contest entry to check for things that you can still correct. Are there misspelled words in the essay? What about subject-verb or pronoun-antecedent disagreements? Are there capitalization or punctuation errors? What about word choice? You can also read your essay to friends or your teacher and listen to what they have to say. Do they feel that your essay needs more supporting details? Do they understand your composition well?

9. Read the contest rules again.
Once you have completed your essay, make one last attempt to read the contest rules again. As the saying goes, “Better safe than sorry.” This ensures that your hard work will not go to waste. It also gives you peace of mind to know that you have met the requirements of the submission. By keeping these simple steps in mind, you have a good chance of winning the competition.

Writing an essay may seem like a daunting task, but this should not stop you from doing it. If you think you need assistance, then you can always contact an essay service that can give you the professional help that you need.

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