Makati Medical Center Patient ID Card

I was surprised to learn last April that Makati Medical Center (MMC) patients can now have their own Patient ID card. I was having my blood tests taken at the Nuclear Medicine Department that time when I was asked by the hospital employee if I already have my own Patient ID card and I said no. The person I was talking to asked me then if I want to have one, and when I said yes, she took my picture right there and then and asked me to get my ID card at the Customer Service counter downstairs.

Here’s what the MMC Patient ID card looks like. The front part of the card bears the picture of the hospital.

The back part of the card contains pertinent patient information, like patient’s name, birthday and patient ID number. Every time you’re having a laboratory test or a diagnostic procedure, you simply present this Patient ID card to avoid getting asked repeatedly for your personal data.

If you still don’t have an MMC Patient ID Card yet and want to have one, all you need to do is go to the Customer Service (CS) counter at the hospital lobby, have your picture taken there and give the CS employee a few more minutes to process it. The best thing about it is it’s free!

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