Adding Logos to Business Checks: Is It a Good Branding Strategy?

From large multinational brands to local stores, businesses of all size compete with each other to get their brand noticed. Businesses thrive to get more eyes on their brand hoping to boost their bottomline. Among other branding real estates, business checks continue to be a favored medium. Businesses often order custom next day checks with colored logo. Business checks are not for customers. Unlike pamphlets and leaflets, they cannot be handed to random individuals near storefronts. Businesses use checks to pay other businesses, independent contractors, employees, and utility companies. Considering their limited reach, is it a good idea to invest in checks with logos? In this post, we take a deep dive and understand the 5 key advantages of buying checks with logos.

You Can Get Them for Free: Adding a logo to business checks may sound expensive but, in most cases, it’s really affordable. Some online check printing firms even allow customers to get their company logos printed for free. If you are in the habit of issuing a lot of business checks, then there is a good chance you have an accounting software. Accounting packages such as Quickbooks allow you to upload and print your business logos on checks. This means if you are ordering them from the right place or printing them yourself, you can get checks with logos for free. Getting a branding space for no extra cost is a proposition difficult to turn down.

People Don’t Throw Away Checks: The problem with business cards and pamphlets is that people often throw them away without even giving them a proper glance. That’s something that never happens with checks. People not only keep the check they ensure they remain undamaged before handing them over to the teller. Now, because a paper check represents money, people are much more likely to pay attention, which includes the company logo.

Checks Have Business Contact Information: Business checks almost always have contact information. Coupled with the beautiful colored logo and the contact info, these checks serve a purpose of being temporary business cards. Businesses that send out a significant number of checks each month can expect to get a consistent flow of sales queries. Mainly because the contact information features right alongside with the logo.

Boosts Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Paper checks with no customizations are boring and they never get anyone talking. However, a custom-designed business check with a colored logo almost always makes a positive impression. People receiving these checks often show them off to friends and family members before cashing them. With the popularization of app-based check deposit, these checks remain with recipients even after the money has been cashed.

It Serves a Dual Purpose: Let’s not lose sight of the fact that a check’s primary purpose is to transfer funds. If you are running a business, you probably need checks anyways for your day-to-day operations. The branding is just an added bonus. So, as long as you need paper checks for your business, it makes sense to add a beautiful logo and reap the dual benefits.

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