A Big Thank You to My Son’s LSGH Homeroom Advisers

While he was anxious, shy and hesitant to enter his classroom on his first day of school as a Kinder 2 student at La Salle Green Hills in June 2012, that social anxiety, shyness and hesitance was forgotten all too soon and replaced with exuberance, excitement and enthusiasm. That’s because he found his big school as an extended playground where he got to meet his friends every day. Truth be told, La Salle Green Hills is his happy place! He loves the environment, the brotherhood, the values he learned, and his teachers. Of all his teachers at LSGH, his homeroom advisers are foremost in his heart. This blog post pays tribute to all of you who made my son’s stay in La Salle Green Hills meaningful and unforgettable.

Ms. Mary Joy F. Bordan, K2 Homeroom Adviser

Thank you, Ms. MJ, for being Justin’s 1st mom and first crush in big school. You truly inspired him to do his best.

Ms. Princess M. Abestilla, Grade 2 Homeroom Adviser

Thank you, Ms. Princess, for never getting tired of listening to Justin’s little stories. He surely had a lot to tell back then. Lol!

Ms. Carmela P. Garcia, Grade 3 Homeroom Adviser

Thank you, Ms. Carmela, for instilling discipline in my son and for inspiring him to do well in his cursive writing.

Ms. Larissa Amy L. Lazaro, Grade 4 Homeroom Adviser

Thank you, Ms. Lara, for being so accommodating and approachable. Kind teachers like you make my son excited to go to school every day.

Ms. Dachelle C. Acierto, Grade 5 Homeroom Adviser

Thank you, Ms. Dash, for making Justin believe in himself. He was truly happy being in your class.

Ms. Karen H. Zablan, Grade 6 Homeroom Adviser

Thank you, Ms. Karen, for guiding the boys down the right path. Justin tells me you’re funny sometimes and that you joke around with them every now and then. He enjoyed that!

Thank you for taking care of my son while he was under your care, for the knowledge you’ve imparted and for the genuine love and concern. May you continue to inspire young minds to strive for excellence and keep the animo burning in their hearts.

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