MTAP 2018 Victory for LSGH Grade 6 Team!

I haven’t written in a long while, and I still don’t want to blog up to now, but significant accomplishments, like the recent triumph of the Grade 6 team of La Salle Green Hills in the 2018 MTAP Division Finals and Sectoral Finals for private schools held last February, deserve recognition and a space in this blog. My son is part of the 2-man Grade 6 team that represented their school. The other member and the team captain is my son’s classmate and good friend, Theodore Abara, a certified Math genius.

Flashback to when three classmates from the Grade 6 advanced class were sent to the Highway Hills Integrated School for the MTAP 2018 Elimination Round. When the results were released, all three boys were named Merit Awardees. Theo was 1st Honors, and Migs and Justin were 3rd Honors. I didn’t know then that the Grade 6 team (and Grade 10, too) would only have two team members, unlike the other grade levels that needed three members to compete as a team. In the end, it was Theo and Justin who joined the Division Team Finals held in the same school where the MTAP 2018 Elimination Round took place.

2nd Place, MTAP 2018 Division Team Finals

The LSGH Grade 6 team bagged 2nd place after losing in the Do or Die round (tiebreaker) to St. Mary’s College. A total of 21 teams competed in the Area 2 Division Finals. The LSGH Grade team also qualified for the Sectoral Finals on the basis of their team score.

1st Place, MTAP 2018 Sectoral Team Finals

The MTAP 2018 Sectoral Team Finals for private schools was held at MGC New Life Christian Academy on February 24, 2018. Once again, the LSGH Grade 6 team emerged victorious, bagging the 1st place this time with a perfect score of 60!

Theo, Justin and Coach Jadith

The team went to compete in the Regional Team Finals at the Valenzuela School of Mathematics and Science last March 2. While they didn’t win here, it was already an honor and a privilege to have reached this far, plus they already won two times already (Division Finals and Sectoral Finals), and that for us, was more than enough!

Congratulations, Theo and Justin! You have surely made the whole Lasallian community proud! Shoutout to their coach, Ms. Jadith T. Ditablan, for patiently training the boys and to Coach Sandy Germino for his support and for capturing the victorious moments of the boys!

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