Talumpatian 2017

I simply couldn’t resist posting this short article even if it’s already long overdue since it’s part of my son’s exciting grade school memories, not to mention memorable, since it was his first time to participate in such activity. Justin was chosen as one of the two representatives of his class for the Talumpatian contest held during the Grade 6 Activity Day in school last August.

The Talumpatian pieces of the contestants were the performance tasks the boys submitted to their Filipino teachers. My son’s topic is death penalty, and his piece expresses his opinion on why capital punishment should be reinstated in the Philippines. he boys practically rehearsed on their own.

There was no expectation of winning on our part as we have no idea what criteria would be used for choosing the winners. I’m still proud of my son nonetheless for delivering his piece well, not forgetting a single word, and for not faltering on stage during his speech. He might not have won the hearts of the judges, but he surely did mine! Good job, son!

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