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If there’s any item in our house that we should never run out of, that would be my son’s medicines, foremost of which is his immune booster vitamin Ceelin. Like all moms, I hate seeing my son sick. I want to see him active, full of life and able to do the things he enjoys doing, like going to school, playing, goofing around, and just being his usual animated and energetic self. And because I don’t go out every day, I make sure I buy his vitamins in bulk. That’s to ensure that he won’t miss his daily dose of Vitamin C. I find extreme comfort from the fact that he is protected from diseases because we always have Ceelin at home for him. If you’re wondering why I’m talking about shopping for my son’s vitamins here, well, here’s the story.

Hey Mom
Early in August, I was asked to try online shopping at Hey Mom. Hey Mom is an online resource for moms and moms-to-be. It’s a place where expecting, new and experienced moms meet and learn from each other’s experiences. Blog posts of fellow moms found on this website serve to inspire and help others cope with the challenging sides of motherhood. There’s also a forum to ask questions, exchange thoughts and share the joys and difficulties of being a mom. Hey Mom is an online shop as well, offering medicines/vitamins, nutrition, sports and personal care products for kids and adults alike. Hey Mom caters to the needs of the elderly, too!

Time to Shop
I was given a specific amount of shopping credits inclusive of shipping fee using a voucher code. I went to heymom.com.ph, registered and went about my shopping. Since my son’s vitamin C brand is included in the selection of medicines/vitamins that I’m supposed to choose from, that’s where all my shopping credits went. I bought Ceelin Chewables and Ceelin Plus Chewables.

My Online Shopping Experience
Shopping at Hey Mom is as easy as 1-2-3! It took a while, though, to have my order delivered because apparently, I made a mistake in my choice of payment mode. There are three payment options available to Hey Mom shoppers, by the way, (cash on delivery, bank payment and credit card), so this should be the least of your worries.

My Mistake
I always use cash on delivery whenever I do online shopping. I should have done the same for my Hey Mom transaction instead of clicking bank deposit. Why? They cannot process my order because they’re still waiting for confirmation of my payment. To be honest, I actually didn’t pay much attention to this detail. I thought the order confirmation details that I received in my email were already proof that I didn’t need to pay anything for my purchases because of my complimentary voucher. My bad! I should have clarified this from the start. Lol! Moral of the story: When in doubt, ask! Anyway, when this issue was finally resolved, I received a call and a text message from Clickhealth that my order was already on its way.

My package arrived the following day, sealed and protected with STOROpack’s AIRPlus® air cushions. It’s good to know that my online purchases are well taken care of!

My Ceelin order from Hey Mom will last until next year and with that comes the assurance that my son will have protection from diseases at home or in school. Isn’t it amazing what online shopping at Hey Mom can do? No traffic and no long queues at the cashier means I have saved time, energy and money. This means I have more time to spend managing the home, finishing my writing tasks and performing mommy and wifey duties.

Overall Assessment
At Hey Mom, I don’t only get to shop for my son’s vitamins and medicines online, but I also get to meet other well-meaning moms, share my motherhood woes and triumphs, and receive helpful parenting tips as well. The joys of being a mom are doubled and the challenges seem less daunting because “motherhood is sisterhood” at Hey Mom. Go check out their website (http://heymom.com.ph) and find out for yourself.

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