“Lifetime Free Gas, Oh My Gas!” Promo from SEAOIL

Do you want a lifetime supply of free fuel? I know many will ask, “Is that even possible?” Well, the answer is yes! It’s totally possible if you will join SEAOIL’s “Lifetime Free Gas, Oh My Gas!” promo.

SEAOIL, the country’s largest independent fuel player, has recently launched the first raffle promo of its kind in the Philippines that will be giving four lucky motorists their lifetime supply of SEAOIL fuel.

According to SEAOIL CEO Glenn Yu, “We have always stood by the quality and performance of SEAOIL fuels and this is our way of thanking our loyal customers, whom we call SEAOIL Believers, for the trust they have placed in us.”

The promo will run from August 14 to November 14, 2017. There will be three monthly raffle draws on September 15, October 16, and November 28 to announce the winners who will get P5,000 worth of SEAOIL gift certificates per month during their actual lifespan.

Aside from the four major prizes of lifetime SEAOIL fuel, there will also be a total of 30 winners who will receive P10,000 worth of SEAOIL gift cards, as well as over 30,000 instant prizes of P10, P20, P100, and P500 discounts on SEAOIL fuel and P100 on SEAOIL lubricant through “peel-off” cards.

To get a raffle entry, a customer must submit receipts totaling P500 worth of Extreme 97, Extreme 95, Extreme U, Extreme Diesel fuels and/or SEAOIL Lubricant to any SEAOIL station nationwide. Each raffle entry includes an instant prize card.

“Lifetime Free Gas, Oh My Gas!” promo follows through on the company’s recent product quality campaign which highlights SEAOIL fuel’s top three qualities. Firstly, SEAOIL’s base fuel is imported from advanced refineries in Japan, South Korea, and Singapore, ensuring world-class quality. Secondly, SEAOIL fuel id monitored and tested at least three times daily at the retail stations for consistency. Thirdly, SEAOIL fuel is the only one in the Philippines that is powered with STP additives, known for superior engine clean-up and keep-clean properties resulting in improved performance.

“This is definitely an exciting time for us as we gear and pump up all of our 400 stations for this,” added Yu. “SEAOIL Believers all over the country will have a chance to be part of this nationwide celebration.”

Early this year, the company launched its biggest gasoline station to date, the two-hectare SEAOIL-CityMall SCTEX mega station located near the Concepcion Exit in Tarlac. Midway between Baguio and Manila, this P600-million collaboration between SEAOIL and CityMall Commercial Centers Inc. is the perfect stopover for travelers from northern Luzon provinces.

Over the years, SEAOIL has pioneered innovative products like bioethanol gasoline and biodiesel, as well as services and programs including its award-winning franchise package, as part of its commitment to excellence and service to the Filipino people.

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