Class Spirit of the Year Award, Grade 5-A, SY 2016-2017

Finally, my son’s class last year, Grade 5-A, received the much-coveted Class Spirit of the Year Award (CSYA)!

Photo credit: Ay-Ay Salgado-Tanalgo

According to the LSGH Pupils’ Handbook, the CSYA is “a special citation given to the section that has demonstrated its outstanding support to the major activities of the Grade School Student Council. This includes the newspaper (R34T) drive, Christmas Drive (Pamaskong Pambalot), Cleanliness Drive, Class Conduct, Intramurals, Interclass Contest, LRC Book Borrowers, and Penmanship contests. This award highlights and affirms the solidarity and unity of the whole section, a value espoused by Lasallian schools all over the country.”

The victorious boys of Grade 5-A with their homeroom adviser, Ms. Dash

The CSYA was given to the whole class during the LSGH Undergraduates’ Recognition Day last July. Their class has been vying for this award since Grade 4 but they only came in a close second that year. Last year, though, the parents and students of Grade 5-A, exerted all efforts to finally clinch the award. And they did it, under the loving guidance of their homeroom adviser, Ms. Ma. Dachelle C. Acierto a.k.a. Ms. Dash.

The class was given a gold plaque that lists the names of all the members of the class, as well as that of their homeroom adviser. The plaque would be permanently hung on LSGH walls.

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