Mother’s Day Treat to Lazada Super Moms

I received a short notice event invite via text last Wednesday from a dear PR friend, and I simply couldn’t say no. Besides, she said it’s a Mother’s Day treat for most of the guests. I said “most” because it so happened that there were also male attendees.

 photo DSCN9471_zpshjpzp9mt.jpg

The venue was The Cookery Place at BGC. The Cookery, according to my online research, is a place where cooking parties, classes or events are held.

 photo DSCN9476_zpsyhlrdql6.jpg  photo DSCN9472_zpsysptki3z.jpg

I initially thought they will treat the guests to a fancy lunch, but seeing this arrangement made me realize what an exciting afternoon the event would be. We were going to have a cooking lesson with a chef. We were divided into four groups with three members for each group.

 photo DSCN9488_zpsvhypsodm.jpg  photo DSCN9485_zpsq3hbwpsi.jpg
 photo DSCN9487_zpss8lf0t4y.jpg  photo DSCN9484_zpsbgmhzhpu.jpg

Our mission: To whip up the following scrumptious Thai dishes — Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Nuoc Cham, Chicken Pandan with Sesame Tamarind Sauce, Pineapple Fried Rice and Coconut Tapioca Pudding – using the ingredients provided.

 photo DSCN9508_zpslorbrbhd.jpg

Go Veet Team!

 photo DSCN9522_zps5xo9kazt.jpg

Busy bees!

 photo DSCN9550_zpsufa2iorr.jpg

And these are the products of our labor of love! We got to try them, too, before we left. My favorite was the Chicken Pandan with Sesame Tamarind Sauce paired with Pineapple Fried Rice, of course.

 photo DSCN9555_zpsbl5gnan8.jpg

True enough, the event was really a treat for the Lazada Super Moms! We all went home with a heavy bag of goodies plus a bouquet with a hidden Lazada GC. Thank you so much, Lazada! You made us feel really special! #LazadaSuperMom

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6 Responses to Mother’s Day Treat to Lazada Super Moms

  1. momshouotout says:

    that cute Lazada stuff caught my attention.. you really had a great day bonding with fellow lazada moms for sure

  2. Awww! You deserved to be pampered Sis especially on Mother’s Day. Lazada seems like they spoiled their best customers which are the Moms.

  3. Mommy Levy says:

    belated happy Mother’s day to you. I want to learn to cook Thai dishes too. Will consult YouTube na lang for that haha.

  4. Ria C says:

    Oh wow! Those are really nice loots for a goodie bag sis and what better way to be recognized as one of the best mothers out there that to be in an event where mothers are honored. Cheers!

  5. What an awesome Mother’s Day treat! Looks like you really enjoyed that cooking class.

  6. Oh how nice of companies like Lazada to give tribute to mothers like you. I would love to join a cooking class like that.

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