5 Champion Facts You Need to Know about James Reid

The new MILO Champ Moves has become undeniably popular in social media. Millions of netizens have watched this viral, upbeat music video and even created their own versions through parody clips, memes and cool remixes. At the center of this dance exercise is one of the country’s most influential young celebrities, James Reid. We all know him as an actor, singer, dancer and MILO ambassador. But there’s still a whole lot we don’t know about James Reid.

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Here are five Champion Facts about James Reid and why he wants to help kids #BeatEnergyGap:

1. He was an athlete at an early age and participated in school competitions.

James is not only agile on the dance floor but also in sports, having participated in gymnastics, Australian football, swimming, golf, and cricket.

“I was very athletic as a kid, and I’m very proud of that. When I was in primary school until high school, I would try everything,” shared James during the Champ Moves video shoot. “I love swimming and I’ve been doing it as long as I can remember. I also played Australian football, golf, gymnastics, and even went as far as high-diving.”

Showing off his champ-like enthusiasm and winning energy, James excelled particularly in gymnastics and swimming, allowing him to participate in several school competitions.

“I competed in school for swimming, and I also reached regionals for gymnastics. Looking back, it was really a good experience, I even won a bronze medal for it,” he recalled.

2. James’ dad was the reason why he was athletic at a young age, encouraging him to try different sports.

Growing up, James’ dad encouraged him to work hard and play hard. Whenever James would start to doubt himself, it was his dad who kept pushing him to excel.

“My dad introduced me to different types of sports. He didn’t make me do anything I didn’t want to do. Instead, he encouraged me to try new things and to do my best—he even loved taking videos of me in training. Even if I wasn’t good at a sport, he’d keep pushing me to never give up,” James shared.

3. More than competing and winning, he loves the team camaraderie.

“During competitions, what I enjoyed the most was the team camaraderie—meeting new people and making new friends who were like-minded and passionate about sports,” James said.

4. Despite his busy schedule in front of the screen, James continues to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

James makes sure that he keeps an active and healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating right.

“Regardless of how hectic my schedule gets, I still make sure I stay active by going to the gym,” said James. “In keeping a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to start your day right by eating a nutritious breakfast; as they say it’s the most important meal of the day.”

James also stressed that discipline is key in achieving a healthy lifestyle. “It’s so easy to fall back on eating unhealthy food knowing that it won’t give you the right energy or nutrients. One needs the willpower to choose to eat the right food and keep doing it every day. It’s the secret to having a happy and healthy life.”

5. As a MILO kid himself, James wants to help kids #BeatEnergyGap through MILO Champ Moves.

When he sings “drink MILO every day!”, you know he means it.

Growing up in Australia where MILO originated, James drank MILO every day before going to school and sometimes after. “I grew up drinking MILO as a kid. It’s a brand that everyone knows, loves and remember seven from their childhood. So I’m so excited to be part of the MILO family,” shared James.

“Champ Moves in partnership with DepEd is a great program for kids as it will allow them to be more active, more alert during the day, especially for school. When you’re physically active, it’s easier to learn, absorb information, and socialize. The MILO Champ Moves program will surely energize kids to start the day right.”

Help #BeatEnergyGap today by doing the new MILO Champ Moves with James. Watch the video on the MILO Philippines Facebook page and the Nestle Philippines YouTube Channel. Follow @MiloPh on Twitter and @MiloPhilippines on Instagram for more information about Champ Moves.

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