Boodle Fight on New Year’s Day!

So sorry for this very late blog post! I had to publish it anyway because New Year is one of the few times that my side of the family is complete, well, amost entirely complete. The designated place for our New Year’s celebration was my brother’s house in Imus, Cavite.

 photo DSCN8594_zps3da5b8fz.jpg

It was a stripes kind of New Year, as you can see!

 photo DSCN8589_zpsfdonizjj.jpg  photo DSCN8590_zpssqatyzkw.jpg
 photo DSCN8592_zpsope7aoor.jpg  photo DSCN8593_zps1j2ggfla.jpg

What’s different about our New Year’s Day celebration this year was the boodle fight. A “boodle fight” or a “boodle feast” is a banquet where food is served on banana leaves and everyone eats using his/her bare hands. In our case, we used plastic gloves when we feasted on our sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner. Also, to reduce cooking time, we just ordered some of the food from Amber’s and Fish2Go.

 photo DSCN8578_zpspbe2sbjg.jpg

Boodle fight, the star of our New Year feast

Of course, family gatherings aren’t complete without photos, so we took lots of them from the boodle fight preparation to the eating to the burping. Lol!

 photo DSCN8596_zpsprep7kpf.jpg

Let the boodle fight begin!

 photo DSCN8606_zpsfjftqjfq.jpg

A family that eats together stays together.

 photo DSCN8614_zpsawh1kkcc.jpg

Almost wiped out!

 photo DSCN8540_zpsj0ntfhpk.jpg

So happy or just wacky?

 photo DSCN8545_zps2ipwovea.jpg

Hello, Baby Den-Den!

 photo DSCN8574_zpsdrstwhpg.jpg

Cousins unite!

So that’s how our burpful New Year went.

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